Sometimes WIAW

Sometimes I write a post on a Wednesday, showing you what I eat on a daily basis, to celebrate What I Ate Wednesday. It answers the question I get asked often: but what do you eat?!?!

Sometimes, (on the weekend), I eat my fruit + Nutter Bomb + coconut cream as my only breakfast. Sometimes, I run out of Nutter Bombs, so I make a lazy one instead: a small sprinkle of nuts and seeds, with nut butter on top.

20150829_081708 (2)

There is fruit under there, I promise!

I always enjoy this with a bulletproof coffee, what I think is the best part about being primal.

Sometimes, I eat my eggs later, for lunch or brunch instead.

20150825_110355 (2)

Sometimes, I make a Beet(root) and Broccoli salad to eat as a side. I will need to post this recipe very soon, because summer is over! Sometimes, I also make my Beet(root) Slaw.

Sometimes, a bug flies into my food shot….

Sometimes, I have snacks. Lately, my snack has been consisting of a paleo version of Ants on a Log, one of my favourites as a kid. I use almond butter instead of peanut butter, and one cut up Medjool date instead of raisins. The almond butter and date goes so well together, and the celery adds extra crunch + another veg to the day’s intake.

20150923_182005 (2)

Sometimes, I make baked potatoes. This week, it was baked, organic white potatoes from our garden. This was topped with my Primal Chili Con Carne, and a tossed salad, featuring organic lettuce from our garden.

20150921_193051 (2)

Sometimes, I make a large batch of vinaigrette salad dressing to have on hand, as well as roast a bunch of seeds. Both make salad-making quick and delicious.

Always, not sometimes, I have a fat bomb during the day. And I always enjoy this with a large mug of matcha green tea. I also always have a large mug of peppermint tea at night.


Sometimes, I use stock photos instead of take a new photo each week, because the fat bombs tend to look the same….

What foods do you eat sometimes?

What foods do you eat ALL the time?


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