Paleo on Holiday

From long haul flights to camping, I’ve done it all while following the Paleo diet. This series will provide practical tips on how to meet your Paleo needs when faced with the dilemma of being out of the comfort zone of your own kitchen and network of resources….

Recently, I wrote a three-part series on Primal Eye how to paleo while on holiday. With the October holidays quickly approaching here in Scotland (2 weeks off for me!), I thought it was only fitting to share this series in time for people jetting off to warmer climes, new places, to visit friends and family. Or, to have as a handy resource for when you head out on your next vacation.


Post 1 of 3: Pre-Travel

This includes researching destinations and booking your travel. Believe it or not, there’s plenty of paleo to think about here!

Post 2 of 3: The Travel Day

What to prepare, pack and plan for when you’re in transit.

Post 3 of 3: At Your Destination

Tips on how to stay paleo in a new place, with new foods, new experiences.

For more paleo on holiday how-to, read another post I wrote here about how I traveled to Canada and back, staying paleo during my 14 hour+ travel days.

Do you stick to paleo when you’re on holiday?

What piece of paleo travel advice would you give?


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