Eat Primal, Run Hard Round-Up

When you’ve got a bit to say about a lot.


….all the beet(root), all the time. I just can’t get enough of it! I buy organic beets from Tesco (which are on special this week for a £1), then toss them in olive oil, sea salt and pepper, and roast in the oven at 200’C (almost 400’F) for 50-55 minutes. These get eaten immediately, and always in a salad. I’ve got two salad recipes for beets, which I’ll hopefully post in the next few weeks, as these delicious and nutritious root vegetables are currently in season.


Primal x 2

…haul. My mom is currently visiting, and before she arrived, she asked me “What do you want me to bring?” I replied with all sorts of paleo foods that I see frequently over Instagram, but can’t get in my corner of Scotland: cheap Larabars (Coconut Cream, and Peanut Butter), Plantain chips (crisps), and good Kombucha. And mom delivered! Can you say ‘paleo haul’?

IMG_20151004_152349 (2)

….recipe. No, not pumpkin-spiced _________________ (one band wagon I will never jump on – sorry), but instead hearty dishes that are fitting for colder weather. My favourite? Zenbelly’s Pan-Roasted Chicken with Bacon and Apples. I’d forgotten about this dish all summer! I made it last night, and holy crap, it was incredible. I loved it, Pat loved it, and my mom loved it too. Did you know I used to make this for us every Sunday last winter? That’s how good it is. You need to try this now.

IMG_20151009_202407 (2)


….all the autumn races. Tomorrow, I’ve got the Aviemore Half Marathon, where I’m hoping to set a new PB with the downhill course. Later this month, I may do an off-road half organised by my club. And in November, Pat and I are running the challenging and hugely popular Glen Clova Half Marathon.

And I’ll be running these races in my new road shoes: Nike Zoom Structure 18’s.

20151006_095338 (2)

I’ve also entered a ballot race for 2016, and will possibly enter another one, details of which I will write about at a later time.


….work life. So. Incredibly. Stressful. And despite a primal diet, it’s taking its toll on every aspect of my life. In a nutshell, 2015 has been an incredibly difficult year at my work, and it seems that things just keep getting worse. I’ve taken steps to make necessary changes in my life, of which I will write about at the end of this month.

The stress from my job has been overwhelming, and is affecting my sleep, my wellbeing and my health. I’m currently getting over a week-long cold and throat infection – at one point, I considered pulling out of tomorrow’s half marathon, but I’m now on the mend.

I come home from work mentally exhausted, everyday. You may have noticed that my blog has been quiet lately – my mind is absolute mush by the end of the day, so I find thinking about content for blog posts quite difficult, let alone sitting down to write them.

I’ve also been slightly more lax with my diet, eating cake, cookies, pizza on a weekly basis, none of which are gluten-free or sugar-free. I haven’t abandoned primal at all, but rather than being the usual 95/5, lately, I’ve been more so 80/20. When you’re more tired, you’re vulnerable and prone to giving in. Plus, sometimes you just want cake and a big cup of tea.

At times, I’ve passed on my twice weekly body weight sessions and some running club sessions because, while exercise is mental stress relief, it’s incredibly stressful on the body. And the last thing I need to do is to add even more stress to my already stressed state.

Basically, I’m trying not to overdo it because while primal allows you to thrive, there is a point where thriving becomes overdoing it, and I feel I’m currently at that point.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, which is becoming brighter every. Single. Day.

What’s your favourite autumn vegetable?

What’s your favourite cold weather, hearty recipe?

What events have you got planned for the rest of 2015? Into 2016?

How do you handle stress?


9 thoughts on “Eat Primal, Run Hard Round-Up

  1. Sorry to hear that work is tough just now. I can certainly understand that one – give me a shout if I can help with anything.
    As for winter warmers, it will be no surprise that my favourite is French onion soup. Since I’m just back from Paris, I’ll be making some in the week ahead. I also like using my slow cooker to make chilli or bolognese. For a quicker meal, a good quality store bought pie e.g. Steak or chicken served with plenty of veggies (my favourites are tender stem broccoli and Brussels sprouts).

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