Reach Further in 2016

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It has taken me quite some time to figure out how I wanted to write this post. I want a lot for myself in 2016, but my wants aren’t simply self-improvement, or goals, or intentions – they’re all of the above. While a new year usually signifies a new you, my aspirations for this year are also about expanding my capabilities, pushing my previously set boundaries and just trying new things. 2016 will be where I continue to reach forward and make space between I Can and I Can’t.

Reach for 26.2

Yes, you read it. This is the year of the marathon for me. And I’m shitting myself already. Not really, but it’s taken me about two years of thought to finally bite the bullet and say out loud “I’m going to run my *first* marathon this year.” While I initially thought I’d enter the Berlin Marathon ballot – because running my first marathon in my favourite city in the world would be a brilliant experience – I decided to keep it closer to home and go for the 2016 Loch Ness Marathon in September. That gives me plenty of time to wrap my head around train for it.

Make my own Brew

After about six months of sourcing kombucha companies here and trying some out, I’m now at the stage in my primal journey where I want to not only growing my own Scoby, but then brew my own batch of kombucha. I think I can do it, have researched it and have sourced a company here that sells starter kits. Stay tuned for posts about this.

Build more Muscle

2014 and 2015 were all about building stamina for running, and getting faster, but this year I’m putting in a more concerted effort to building muscle to help with big trail runs, running up hills and running in general. Connected to this goal is mastering of the pistol squat, a body weight exercise that I’m dying to be able to do and have been passively working towards doing for a few months now.

I may also seek out muscle in the CrossFit arena, however that’s still in the air. It really comes down to budget and do I want to drive 45 minutes one way for a session?

Run the Mountains

In the latter half of 2015, I was a trail runner by name only. I got stuck and stagnant in my running practice and stayed exclusively to roads. I love running in the mountains, escaping to the mountains and just being in the mountains, so Pat and I are making more of an effort to do a big trail run, away from the comfort of our surrounding area, once a month. We also have a very handy ‘Trail Runs of Scotland’ guide that will help us see more of this stunning country.

Be Flexible

Not as in dynamic and versatile – that’s something I learned quickly working my previous teaching job – but rather in the literal sense: to be more flexible because my hips are tight from running. I’ve started regular yoga sessions at home via YouTube, and have incorporated more Yoga-centric stretches post-run.

Stick it to Stress

While leaving my last job was a huge emotional stress relief, I still feel as though I experience a lot of stress. It is the positive stress because it’s related to things I *get* to do, as my blog friend Erin says. I get to write for a national online paleo magazine, I get to train for and run races, I get to do body weight exercises and yoga, I get to make myself and Pat delicious food, I get to write my blog, I get to travel all over, I get to work on my house and I get to work in a pretty great place. There’s a lot of stuff I get to do, but there comes a point where thriving at paleo becomes overdoing it, and I think I’m at that point. And while I don’t feel stressed, I know based on the reading I’ve done, you don’t need to feel it to be it.

While I’m not sure how I’m going to do this yet, it is my intention to do something about it.

Work to the Five Year Plan

I’m now a year or so into my five year plan of making something out of this whole paleo-primal thing. This is the year I’m going to take advantage of my six-week teacher holiday, and do my Primal Blueprint Expert certification.

I’m going to put more concentrated effort into the blog, and will endeavour to post once a week. I also have intentions of creating a writing schedule, but so far all I’ve figured out is more so seasonal posts rather than an actual writing schedule. I came to the realisation a while back that if I want more people to pay attention to my blog, I need to pay attention more to my blog.

I also want to learn more about Overtraining Syndrome and Adrenal Fatigue; ever since I read this article about Overtraining Syndrome last summer, I can’t get enough of it. I think part of the reason for the keen interest is that I feel I see signs and symptoms of it in the running community, and that in general, people tend to overdo exercise when they don’t need to. Stay tuned to the blog on posts related to this topic.

Finally, all of this writing and learning is working towards the ultimate goal: writing a book. I have realised that my passion lies in writing about the very topic of this blog, the paleo diet and all kinds of running, and, with the advice and help of my writer uncle, I’ve started to work towards writing a book about Paleo + Running. I’ve written down a basic overview of topics (chapters?) and a plan of how I want the book to go. I now just need to amass a large collection of pieces on the topics I want to cover, and that will take some time.

My 2016 is all about reaching further, progress and looking to the future.

What will your 2016 be about?



8 thoughts on “Reach Further in 2016

  1. Ending comparisons. Ditching the distractions. Streamlining. Simplifying. Wholly savouring the joy of finally having an amazing partner in my life and just being close to him.Taking care of my body and my mind and accepting myself, just as I am and believing I am good enough. X Have a good 2016 X

  2. Good luck with kombucha. Been making my own for a year and so delicious and easy. Due to 90 min round-trip distance to CrossFit in your post, you may be able to do your own home exercises to save time. Hey, if you haven’t tried Coconut Flour Pancakes they are great. I love them on the weekends. Keep having fun outside!

    • Thank you! I look forward to getting started. Yeah… when you put it that way, 90 minutes is too much. I do do some body weight stuff at home, and might expand into kettlebells in the summer – we live in a very small cottage with very low ceilings, so I could only realistically workout at home, outside. Thank you for your comment!

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