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Care to love for benefits

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Care to love for benefits I Seeking Sex Meeting

Falling in love can actually be great for your health. Consider it an investment in your long-term health.

This is true for men and women of all ages, although the effect is particularly strong for men. There are several possible reasons for this relationship, including:.

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Feelings of love trigger your brain to release a flood of dopamine, the brain chemical responsible for pleasure or reward. This may improve mental acuity and reduce negative emotions.

Spending time with someone you love also triggers a release of the hormone oxytocin, which causes a rush of feelings of connectedness.

Oxytocin is associated with benefist blood pressure, improved blood flow, better mood and decreased stress.

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Overall, these brain changes make love a positive experience for bnefits and body. If you are in a committed relationship, do something special with your partner that rekindles your romantic connection.

Care to love for benefits I Seeking Real Dating

This could be a romantic dinner and a box of chocolates. Alternatively, go on a hike, take a cooking class lve or rewatch a movie you saw when you first fell in love. Any love, not Care to love for benefits romantic love, improves your health. Meet a friend for coffee, visit close family members, take your dog for a walk or indulge in a favorite activity to treat yourself.

The Love Connection: There are several possible reasons for this relationship, including: Better health behaviors.

People who are married or in committed tl tend to have better overall health behaviors. A spouse may encourage you to quit smoking, drink less or exercise more frequently.

Furthermore, your partner may notice small changes in your health that warrant a trip to the doctor, such as a suspicious mole or lump. Increased access to healthcare. With a higher combined income, they also tend to have lvoe financial resources to get good quality healthcare that helps prevent disease.

Stronger mental health. A strong, supportive relationship is excellent for your mental health. People with stronger emotional connections to others have higher self-esteem, less anxiety and better coping skills.

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