Paleo N’orridge (primal, keto, whole30, vegan, grain-free)

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me post (several times) various incarnation of my current favourite breakfast: my own creation of Paleo N’orridge. I even posted the recipe there a while back, but now want to share it here. What’s n’orridge you ask? A breakfast food that resembles porridge – the hot, stodgy, breakfast cereal I used to eat topped with brown sugar and milk – but made from different, paleo-friendly, gut-friendly and lower glycemic ingredients. Hence the use of ‘n.’


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Four Munros and a Marathon: week 3

This September and October, I’ll be running two tough races, three weeks apart: the inaugural Ring of Steall Skyrace and the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon. Every week, I’ll be reflecting on my training – what worked, what didn’t, changes made, fueling, diet, sleep, etc.

What I learned this week:

  • One of the reasons the Ring of Steall has a huge elevation gain (8200 feet or 2500 m) in so little distance (16 miles or 25km) is that it starts, and finishes, at sea level. There is a sea loch at Kinlochleven, the site of the race start/finish. This means, that rather than the usual inland ascent of say 2000 feet (which is still a lot but doable), we’re climbing from the very bottom to the very top of a munro, immediately. That’s over 3000 feet. Good thing I’m still in the early phases of training.
  • Take more clothes on long trail runs because you never know what Mother Nature will throw at you!
  • My fitness is much better than it was a few months ago. This training is paying off big time.
  • Never drink alcohol, even a small amount, the day of a long trail run. You’ll find out why!

week 3 3 (2)

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{FUEL} Rumbledethumps

25 January in Scotland is Burns Night: a day to celebrate the work of Scottish poet Robert Burns. People don tartan, recite Burns poetry (in Scots no less), and dine on a traditional meal of haggis, neeps (mashed turnips), and tatties (mashed potato). Across the country, local Burns Suppers are held, all culminating in a ceilidh.

While we didn’t have haggis for our actual Burns Supper this past Monday, we did have Rumbledethumps, a traditional Scottish dish originating from the Scottish Borders, close to England. Aside from being delicious, Rumbledethumps is a marriage of root and cruciferous vegetables, as well as tubers, all grown in Scotland. Typically, it contains potatoes and boiled cabbage, but this is a recipe of variables: you could also add sweet potato, squash, pumpkin, turnip, or even parsnip to the mash. My recipe adds carrots. You can add your preferred cheese too.

20160125_193534 (2)

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{WIAW} New Primal Eats and Treats

Hello food gawkers, and welcome to What I Ate Wednesday, the weekly potluck blog party where bloggers from all over snap photos of their food to show the world what they eat. This is also a way for you readers to see what I eat in a day, and get some new recipe ideas.

WIAW logo

Thanks to Arman for hosting this week!


Same old, same old… but not. I still stuck to my usual egg + vegetables, but this week, I decided my vegetables would take the form of cauliflower rice with Asian flavours.
20150518_070746 (2)
This is basically a paleo fried cauliflower rice, with added vegetables and scrambled egg, all tossed in a nutty Satay sauce. I was sick of the Italian-inspired stewed veg, and wanted something different. This was so good and hit the spot. When life stops being so hectic, I will post this recipe.
I also had my two Old Faithfuls: a bowl of 3 fruits and coconut cream, topped with a Nutter Bomb. I know, I post this every WIAW, but I never get tired of it!
20150518_070758 (2)
My other Old Faithful? You guessed it: bulletproof espresso, made with 2 shots espresso, 2 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp butter and xylitol for sweetness.
20150518_070811 (2)
Spring is kinda here in Scotland, because spring = cold temperatures, blowing wind and rain, right? 😉
As a result of not so cold temperatures, I’ve started eating salads almost daily again. Today’s salad consisted of spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions (green onions), and avocado, topped with Nom Nom Paleo’s Mint Chimichurri sauce (recipe only in the cookbook!), a new recipe I made this past weekend. WOW is all I can say! That stuff takes delicious to another level. My salad was topped with leftover roasted chicken breast.
20150518_084328 (2)
For (my daily) dessert, I had a fat bomb made by Pat the husband, and a very large cup of Match Green Tea.
Lately, after school, I’ve been having a cheeky snack of one or two Medjool dates dipped in either almond butter, or my new treat find: Whole Earth peanut butter with sunflower, pumpkin and flax seeds. What a great discovery at Tesco! The ingredients are literally peanuts, the mentioned seeds, palm oil and sea salt. ALL primal ingredients. The combination of date + nutter butter is like a chocolate bar minus the sickly chocolate. Honestly, it’s amazing.
20150520_205257 (2)
Not pictured was a small bowl of homemade vegetable soup, which was eaten before heading out to running club at 7pm because I was hungry. If I wasn’t running, I wouldn’t have eaten that snack.
Every week, as part of our meal prep, Pat makes us a homemade curry. He loves the stuff as a result of backpacking in India in his early adult years; I love that all the ingredients to the pastes and curries themselves are all primal. And that Pat makes it.
This week’s curry was Lamb Rogan Josh with cauliflower and added wilted spinach, served with a heaping spoonful of tumeric rice because we’re #teamwhiterice.
20150519_212136 (2)
This was eaten after 9pm, when I got home from running. A great meal to restock glycogen stores after 6 miles of long, hilly intervals…
My night cap was a large cup of Three Mint tea.
What’s your favourite curry?
What did you eat today?
What treats have you discovered at your grocery store lately?
Don’t forget to enter my Spartan Race entry giveaway! The winner will be announced Monday!
*I’m aware of the awkward formatting in this post. I’m fairly certain I know how it happened, just don’t know how to fix it.

{WIAW} The Primal Formula

As a regular contributor to Jen’s weekly What I Ate Wednesday link up, I have many people (women) comment that my meals ‘look so good!’ And while I tend to agree, that yes they both look AND taste so good, there is a certain simplicity behind each and every one. Using a given list of Yes foods and No foods, they all follow a basic formula that I, and many primal eaters, use for all meals: protein + vegetables + fat = success.

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