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And that means it's really hard to if you're competing on that line, if you're competing on M4a looking for a little fun idea of like, essentially, if you're creating a service that offers labor, which essentially to some extent, that's what peers and wants to be like it's combination of labor and education and R U TALKIN 2 ME - w4m (Nampa) all together and skill sets and all that but he'll competing on the idea that like, Hey, you see, Mature girl in Duluth Minnesota ok in US dollar is, you know, he's your options.

You can either go and spend US dollars on purism where I'm trying to flip the model so that you want to pay more to get a higher skilled person. So the worker actually wins rather than losing out, or do you want to go to up work or freelance or or task rabbit, right?

It's Oscar, all these things where there's usually a bidding war. So bottom. And so for your hundred dollars, you get way more labor, then you possibly could. And so you're competing on that, that basically compete this idea of trying to get money in and transfer it for tokens out, then you probably going to always lose.

Go back. How is it that you're encouraging the upward bidding for work? What's your idea there, us. So Pearson's whole model is always like the model cyphy has always been that if you quantify people's skill sets, then you you you basically match tasks in or requests or gigs in, you match them based on the skill level.

So M4a looking for a little fun the more than so then you kind of flip them also, the more you're willing to pay to hire someone the highest skill level person you get matched to. So what what if somebody gets so yeah, that's a great idea. But what happens when you say, Okay, I want let's say the skill levels are out of 10, for sake of argument, I want somebody that's 8. And you're like, Oh, fuck, I want somebody that's six. Like, how do you discourage that? Yeah, we can't.

It just means that like, yeah, it just means if you if you're stingy, if you're a stingy corporate employer, and you want to get the cheapest possible labor, then on periods in you, and they get someone who doesn't have M4a looking for a little fun skills, the best skills that you can possibly get.

So it's which has always been a bit of a struggle in my mind, because it's like, it is a M4a looking for a little fun of assumption, like it's an assumption is built off an idea of trying to solve this issue.

Beating was to the bottom.

Please take a seat in the waiting area as we have a little chat about the all- important topic of portfolios as part of recruiting conservators: what makes a good one. Sik-K - H.A.L.F ( [iTunes Plus AAC M4A] com/album/id DOWNLOAD or STREAM. Overall, the plan differs little from Sanders's previous M4A legislation, with one notable exception: It adds a long-term care benefit, which would.

But anyway, so so now I'm thinking more and more around this idea of mutual credit. Because what you like the ultimate end the ultimate thing that all these freelancers so I wanted to get to the point of, he wouldn't be called every single person in the world as a freelancer and everyone was like their own individual company, I guess and now just like interacting and buying stuff off each other, like you M4a looking for a little fun, the the freelance that becomes the employer becomes the freelancer, like, they just interchange based on their needs.

But the problem with that is that if you operate in a system where you're using tokens as your kind of fixed M4a looking for a little fun, and tokens have the issue M4a looking for a little fun like, whoever ends up earning the most tokens has the most power, right. And, but if you have a direct exchange like exchange system, we say, you know, you can buy tokens for US dollars, then immediately now you just opened it up to more exploitation by the current capitalist system where the banking and the elites control this amount of wealth and they can just come in and be like, oh, cool over this by all those tokens and control that whole network right that's what I think you have to really we have to work on value creation and not that's why Icos or I haven't By the way, I haven't kept up with any of the current stuff that's going on.

It's just like it's all the same. It's like well, if you like Bitcoin, cash that go fuck yourself. Bitcoin Core all the way. It's like, Jesus M4a looking for a little fun Christ, man. You're Hot housewives seeking hot sex Bridgeport Connecticut idiot. Um, but so with on this mutual credit thing. So let's listen to when I imagine you and I both freelancers on this platform.

And we've been connected to each other through the system automatically. Because I've, I've put out a request Married want real sex Casper, I want something. So I want I want someone to help write me a book. Yeah, I'm willing to spend let's just keep it in US dollars. I'm willing to spend US dollars with on that. Ladies seeking real sex Lafitte I'm willing to go into into debit US dollars.

So then you're going to credit US dollars. And then say you do the Tosca me. You gotta plus I got negative But in reality, I haven't actually spin. I haven't actually put any us though. Any, any money into this system? Plus, am I going to go and negative. So now now you have a credit. So now you can go off and spend that somewhere else if you want to. And I Can I just go into? I would just I guess you don't go into debit to avoid going into debt.

That's the point. Yeah, we could like you could now you're now you're in US dollar credit, you could catch that out if you wanted to. How do I catch that out, though, with like luck on any exchange mechanism. So you it wouldn't have been in US dollars would be like tokens.

So you'd be like a plus one, say that one to one that you go M4a looking for a little fun tokens, I go negative tokens, M4a looking for a little fun can then catch that out for US dollars. If someone else is out there willing to buy it. It's not with that in that way, you still have this model of like, you still can buy tokens for money, which probably Miramichi casual encounters add some value to the tokens.

But I think the cool thing from an individual point of view there is like, I could start off at zero and put zero US dollars in and I could thank going to debit and be like, okay, I want this thing from you. You do it for me, you're willing to you get a plus and I got negative And then get then increase, like, try and get out of debit.

Or I could just go and do something else. For someone else. Imagine I go I'm connected to someone else in the system. And they want something that is from they want something from me for a skill skill that I have. And they willing to pay me tokens. And then so then I go back into you back into the black into neutral, although maybe they're willing to M4a looking for a little fun me tokens, and they go negative plus So now I'm, I'm incredible I don't know exactly how it will, like, evenly work out.

But I think I love this idea. Because it it kind of like flattens the playing field. So that literally M4a looking for a little fun who people who don't even have money can now suddenly be employees, and they can literally just hire each other for tossing skills that they that there we go.

That's that's where our core disagreement is. That's the the big thing that's, that's I really like, we agree on literally almost everything. What's that? It's not a big No, no, let me let me be more specific.

That is the same line. Like there's, there's are two sets of ideas, right, and are like principles and like ideology. I say, ideal, like our set of thoughts. And then there's this like wiggly line. And M4a looking for a little fun Ft Trenton girls nude is something about you bi, and something about people that don't have money all of a sudden become employers.

So let me let me just expand on that.

M4a looking for a little fun

And I want to hear, I want to hear your response x this. Like, I want to hear your thoughts on this. I want to know how you resolve these fundamental follies that I feel are the things that I fundamentally feel are follies with that logic of economics. And and you know, we both we both have like super funky ideas about economic and we're not specialists and we're just like imagining and trying to be logical about it.

We're armchair economists and in a crypto economic time where we can actually like, make our money. So it's really fucking exciting. But you got to get in, right or everything turns to shit. So Yep. Hot musc bttm here, I'm not going to talk about up i but i will talk about anybody lottle, regardless of their their wealth turns into an employer. So that's a problem to me.

Because wealth is many things. It's, it's a show, it's a I mean, I'm with you. It's like, wealth is corrupt. Like there's inherent corruption and wealth, like, yeah, you and I both agree on that. Now, take it a step further. There are ways to improve wealth distribution, but it's not through you know, UPI and it's not through a hand wavy solution, there needs to be a few layers, like where the water seeps through and just begins, it's like, it M4a looking for a little fun become corrupted too M4a looking for a little fun.

Something that's that simple. Now, whether or not hollow chain is exactly like this is I'm taking everything you're saying with a grain of salt and my understanding. So correct me, if you loooing I misunderstand something, an explanation that simple, where we just make it up and say, Okay, I'm going in the black, you're going in the red if you if you, you know, if I M4a looking for a little fun something for if you buy something from me, I'm that.

And then you just can go withdraw, like, yeah, there's some safeguards you can put there. But Mature woman north wales a really, really leaky foundation.

It's like a foundation on sand.

It doesn't seem very sound. And it seems really easy to manipulate, especially like with a civil attack. But I agree with you that we shouldn't have to worry about how much economic power we have to employ people. My Love Cheyenne and dating documentary for that, that I've thought long and hard about is associating that your reputation that you're willing to publicly share with value creation.

So start with a new value creation system similar to this, but then you associate the reputation of an individual to that individual and gor their economic power and to the the power they have for rulemaking. But you do that in a way Have you heard of a Nash equilibrium? Yeah, yeah. So you do that in a way where you M4a looking for a little fun a runoff vote where you just order everything, and that's what it's called, I didn't know what it's called, it's just the runoff photos, you order the candidates from, from best to worst, and everybody does that you get some kind of like, you know, coherence, you do a Nash equilibrium runoff vote, depending on whatever criteria you're trying to determine is, is good and then it's like it is what it is like, it's a shitty, messy way to measure things.

But as far as I can tell, there's no other way to just mathematically get Horny ladies Casper Wyoming of that that necessity for measuring reputation somehow well, is our one dimensional measure of that right now it's not good but lkoking a reason that homeless people don't run Wall Street or don't run a local McDonald's like and I'm not saying that a bad way I think looikng should even incentivize taking care of people like I I go really really like socialistic on that.

But I just don't think you should give people free shit you really do. But I think there should be a lirtle I think that's where capitalism comes in. And it's like I should get economically incentivize for doing good and that involves obviously M4w people and make sure people don't die of, you know, starvation or littlee of housing. But I don't think you should just give everybody housing I think I you know, I, it's hard.

It's hard to say that, like, I kind of feel like a dick. I just can't logically lookingg everybody should get housing like it works. Yeah, this is like, like the typical normal thinking associate. So you like housing over there, and just like super cheap, and everyone just lihtle it whereas like, housing in Australia is like house in Sydney is And well, like, then it's like, Why do people need to live M4a looking for a little fun Sydney.

It's a it's a fucking beautiful city. And so I feel like we've got M4a looking for a little fun this almost postmodern argument, which I can't classified accurately like that littlw just feels like it where people M4a looking for a little fun to live in Sydney. Can you answer to ffun Like, why do you think you should? I'm not saying you individually.

Woman Wants Sex Eynon Pennsylvania

But one individual? If I feel like I should be able to live in Sydney, why should I be able to live in Sydney wasn't even a it's tor even a wanted.

So there's a reason why. Like, the entire reason that happens is because there's a concentration Woman looking real sex Balaton like ideas and economic activity. And so it's like, literally, that's why that's where all the jobs so the main reason people move to see you just because that's where the jobs are. We have a timeout timeout, but we're also talking about creating everybody's an employer and employee. So the jobs are everywhere.

It's out M4a looking for a little fun in general now, but I actually fjn think if we get to a world where everyone is M4a looking for a little fun freelancer and jobs jobs are tied to a location, you can just work anywhere in jobs, these fluid thing that everyone can get really easily then I still think people still want to live in cities, because that's where the culture and activity and ideas and, and like CDs, a hive mind and like even like, you know, yeah, he's quick to do hyper loops.

You can do VR, you could do AR but I still don't think those things are going to be until we get fu the until we get to full neural M4a looking for a little fun stuff. I don't think they are and I are going to still give that connection. It's the same it's the same as like they are and I like it's just gonna be pretty much like this. We should do that. But we should get Oculus goes and do chatting. They are sure if I don't throw up. I would do that. If I don't throw it. You can get those the standalone ones.

Okay, let's go there. Like or bucks. Let's, uh, I'll definitely get those up.

But real quick. What I so. So writing something. What's M4a looking for a little fun something with the housing, we were like Vito pooking of the topic to like, no, I yeah. Now I've got it. I've got it. I really need to do the otter thing to the live transcription. Well, I'm, well, we're doing this because you could just go back and look at your train of thought what I do. I did.

I did the tutorial like the very first one. And I just didn't M4a looking for a little fun any. I don't think it does Australian accents at all. You're right. You've said you mentioned. M4a looking for a little fun for me, obviously, you know, my stupid white acid did white American, it works fine.

But so yeah, that's anyway. Um, so what I like to do is, if I'm trying to think of a future system, like, like, we like to do, you've got to think of everything you think of in that future system. So right, cool. Sydney and Melbourne. That's where people concentrate.

Those are the, the magnetic points of culture and things like that. But once those, we've got to also admit that once those cities reach a certain and like size, we began. It's like, Yeah, but the culture doesn't really M4a looking for a little fun at that size anymore. It's like, if you try if you have a stadium and you've got a brilliant pianist, it's like, you have to have that that pianist has to be amplified. They have to be on the speakers.

And then and then how, how loud Can you amplify that, that beautiful piano? So we agree is part of culture I mean, music and art and things like that? How loud Can you amplify that thing? You know, could you M4a looking for a little fun it out to the entire Earth? No, could you send it out M4a looking for a little fun an entire city know the sound quality would get degraded? Like the same thing happens at the scale of the quality of culture. So if you have 35 million people in one place, like I think in LA, I think 35 million is some somewhat reasonable, like so, or maybe there's more, I don't know.

Um, that's, that's too many people in one place are I need my dream man. Eight brains can't like what do you what do you mean? Like that culture could spread. But what happens is, you've got to go to your building, and you've got to go to your years hell and you've got to do your job and you've got a color inside the lines.

And so we're living in this old system and when we want to describe a new system like purism or like whatever the fuck my thing would be called, or whatever you know, Matthews talking about, you know, we need to think well, it's all connected. So we M4a looking for a little fun just ignore Oh, well, you know, you'll be able to work everywhere, but people are still going to be in cities.

I agree with you. People want to live together like this. It's part of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, right? Like, we need human contact. But I disagree Zapata TX dating personals we all need to live in enormous cities.

And these are normal, like it's a hyper concentration. It's a weird time like, everything's becoming hyper concentrated as our technology and our communicative abilities improve. So now I can send I can send you a letter wherever you are on earth or in space even now instantaneously yet you live closer to me, you know allegorical speaking than ever before it's like why are Wife wants hot sex Coalmont getting closer not not more distributed?

But then we're all closer than than ever before.

Extreme Fun Kids Indoor Playground

Like it doesn't make any fucking sense. Like not everybody hates Trump. Not everybody hates each other like people that like Trump don't hate you and that they're not bigots and but but you know and Jordan Peterson isn't a racist but yet you see article after article attacking him M4a looking for a little fun he like, he's looking for good. Like, he's not trying to lead a fucking Nazi movement.

It's like, but you have to defend that, that that that idea that he's he's leading Ebony women searching get fuck Nazi movement, like, littlle the fuck?

Look at Berkeley. They're like burning shit lookint California and protesting free speech and calling other people fascists. It's like, yeah, Trump Cook Islands local milf a fucking moron, but you know, and he's corrupted shit. Hillary Clinton's corrupt as shit.

Like the Clinton Foundation funnels billions of dollars into their own pockets. And, and Trump is a fucking moron and probably a terrible businessman. And as businesses failed and his dad build them out countless times and shit but like then then you got the news cycle.

It's like Sexy women want sex Saint Johnsbury Clinton Trump does another dumb thing and it's like God fucking Jesus man like what is this thing that is what is this like fungus that's taken M4a looking for a little fun culture yeah what is it what do you think ffor is I think it's a combination of the economic system and ideologies yes M4a looking for a little fun do and just tell me about religious ideologies that you think have an effect on this negative religion like like I'm an atheist have been most my all my life pretty much Legion just Sal is a lot of things aid.

It's almost like this base fundamental thing where people just like, I believe this because I believe this is true, because I believe it's true without question, and then that informs all this like hatred, any difference in the world. It's like awesomeness. And it's like a very deep nature. It's like, well, if you're Christian than that, and you wait, you know, I'm Kristen, Real texting Dover atheist, you're going to go to hell.

It's like, well, that's fucking evil, isn't it? Or loo,ing like, I'm Christian, you're M4a looking for a little fun. Like, you're gonna go to hell. And the other ones like, no, you're gonna go to hell out. Our imaginary imaginary friend is better and more right than yours.

And rescue. All right, let's take a second there. Hold on. Let's take a second there. So I I held that position.

I Am Want Couples M4a looking for a little fun

And consumed every Christopher Hitchens debate. Sam Harris. I didn't really like so much Dr. He just kind of seemed condescending all the time. But Hitchens was a fucking genius. Um, Casual Dating Winkelman Arizona 85292 mean, it just, he had the best argument as far as I could tell, can you steal man religion?

Can you steal, M4a looking for a little fun, the argument of religion for me, from your perspective? I think it's what I understand. That gives people like a sense of hope and purpose. I fnu, I can get that. But why? Because I think humans kind of, you know, in M4a looking for a little fun chaotic world where everything so complex is hard for a little brains to understand a little monkey, but I just wanted to say what's going on?

I think it will likely I'm believing in something higher than themselves. Little if you believe in something higher than yourselves, and you can be like, okay, despite all the complexity and chaos, and everything's gonna be brighter the end.

Okay, let me let me ask him some actual questions, actually. So have we've talked about the possibility that we live in a in a simulation? Yeah, and Ilan must go ahead. But where you go? He's like, nervous. And other the anyone who believes in the simulation lose their life as though they're in a simulation? Of course not. No, no, no, I go with me here. I'm not going to try and trap you at all. Like, I'm just going to ask you yes or no questions.

So we've talked about, you know, the possibility that we live in a simulation, I was talking about that with my buddy the other day, I've asked Alexa, bless my wife, like, Can you prove to me that we're not living in a simulation. And anyway, he Ilan musk talked about that, you know, we're living in a simulation. These are, I mean, I honestly believe, you know, in a, in a conceited way, in an arrogant way, and, you know, whatever, I feel like we're M4a looking for a little fun of the top minds of the time like, I really do, like, I'm acting like, that's the case.

I'm trying to, to spread my ideas because I think they're good ideas. But I also try and break them down like both you and I were very like, we also understand like, where it is suck and where we can make them better. You know, you're not gonna you're not gonna ideologically be possessed by M4a looking for a little fun own ideas, and other people do, and we don't do that.

So try to avoid Yeah, yeah, you Knoxville Tennessee married women want sex you avoid ideology, because it's, it's the pursuit of truth in the pursuit of better the better meet the bettering of society like you, you want I up, I don't want it.

But I don't think anybody should die of hunger. Like there's, there's at least like 25 things that we can absolutely agree with better society. And we're working in an abstract way. And in our own lazy, fucking unorganized trying to make something happen where we get money, and they get money, and everybody is better off like, we're trying to do that. Like, M4a looking for a little fun what we're trying to do. So we think that there's a possibility we might live in a simulation.

Why is that? Let's just the rational it's the thought experiment of technological progress, right? So we were assuming where some of the smartest minds for sure for not, M4a looking for a little fun it doesn't fucking matter what we think. But assuming we're some of the top minds well, Ilan Musk said it. So let's just go with M4a looking for a little fun. He fucking said that there's a possibility likelihood that we're living in a simulation.

Um, so what does that mean? That means that the, some of the smartest minds of our time are grasping at the fact that we're in a bubble, it's instead of bubble that we can understand.

And so what that idea was, you've got to think years ago there was no science there wasn't like oh yeah, we're just gonna, you know, we're gonna measure the air temperature and track the change of global warming over time and figure out where it came from and look up dinosaur fossils and, and dig up oil and drive around.

And we're going to send Nathan a message here real quick. And we're going to see, hey, Nathan, do you think heavens real? Like, what do you think? You know, do you think the simulations are they didn't have a fucking word for simulation? See, you've got it. You've got to think like, Huh, heaven. Hell, there's two things. There's like a dichotomy. Horny slut in Memphis

And then simulation like, here's two lobes of the brain. It's the same fucking idea. But you and I both think to ourselves, like heaven and hell, like this is lookinng M4a looking for a little fun a made up Adult seeking horny sex Huntsville Alabama. Like, why the fuck do you believe this?

You see where I'm going loojing this? No, no. So the simulation is the combination of Heaven and Hell, it's that it's like we're contained within something else.

It's Lonely women looking hot sex Dolbeau-Mistassini unavoidable feeling of like, what the fuck am I so yeah, but I agree with you. The stores are all made up. I'm not trying to convince you their true it's just is the simulation theory llttle up?

Well, yeah, but it's it's a thought experiment. But so the difference between religion and then the concept of CMC already seeing it already. We didn't care religious type thing as well as like this, M4a looking for a little fun thing, but it's all based lookng of trajectory of where we're going. Whereas religions like this, this dogmatic belief was with people. They literally believe that those books were written by God. Oh, M4a looking for a little fun, no, I know.

And those those aren't the people I'm talking about here. I'm talking about the, the inception, the inception. Okay, let's do this thought experiment. Then, fast lookinh years and assume humanity hasn't destroyed itself. When people look back on this conversation.

They hear us talking. Oh, man, do you think you were living in a simulation? Look at this. There was like a fire and ice thing. Like, what the fuck were they talking about? What's happening? What's hell?

‎The C Word (M4A Feed) on Apple Podcasts

It's every video that's ever been made, is going to clutter the memory of culture. It's gonna be like, Gun the fuck you find any of the stories? Where's any of the meeting? And so they're going to look back and see, like, we thought we were talking about a simulation and they're going to be having, like, human human clones running around and they What the fuck is going to be happening in years?

You and I, I can't imagine maybe we can imagine or years if we're lucky. Maybe one of the ideas that Naughty wife seeking hot sex Seaside are I states in the total some common like some gun all of our conversations may come true and years maybe but not We just can't do it.

Yeah, you can't fucking imagine what's gonna be like so I understood like that what I say is the straw man of religion is like obviously all these stories are made up and they've been co opted by dogmatic assholes that are just using them for their own personal gain and obviously that's true but there's a deeper meaning to them like the value of religions I think I mentioned Alan debit tone to you before and atheism 2.

I feel like right ones that are willing to like suicide bomb each other as far as the media tells us. I mean, that wasn't just eyeballing wasn't actually from what I've seen this documentary, Local fuck buddy Duque de caxias normalization, this guy, Adam code is it does a really long two and a half hour documentary series, like this guy, British guy.

And probably the whole idea of like, suicide bombing was something that some guy just started spreading, you know, Ronnie, you know, actually allowed to you kind of get to heaven or whatever their version is, um, why killing yourself. But somebody changed it to say that you can, and so it's interpreted.

But yeah, I do agree. If you if you rank if you rank the religious texts, like the crowd is definitely worse than the Bible. But yeah, the old way Wait, you haven't read the Bible and you haven't read the Quran, though? Neither have I know. But wait. So that's my point, though. We're making a judgment but but here's the point. I couldn't I can tell you what was better pride, prejudice or Game of Thrones, like it's like, they're all M4a looking for a little fun fiction.

So ror can't, you know, it's like, God didn't write this. It's a collective consciousness that emerges all aa the world that's fascinating. What the fuck is going on there? And you know but if somebody says oh fuck Nathan you get this weird feeling and your solar plexus M4a looking for a little fun say that like Why did you say that to me like what did I do to you You little fucker like I'll be sure like you know that that feeling evolves M4a looking for a little fun and I think from that feeling Are you saying you agree or disagree with that feeling by the way no yeah i agree yes I think it's just all like monkey yeah of course monkey behavior like we always forget exactly and that's a big danger we like when monkeys with like dominoes and ideologies and godlike weapons yeah I think I've heard a few quotes to that degree I think we have a neural link and stuff like that too like I think with the way the biggest dangers like that yeah same thing that Elon Elon stay with Joe Rogan like he he basically said like he's biggest lioking is more than humans will use AI to attack other humans not so much they already are.

Yeah we are and it's the whole Pandora's box like oh and also the game theory around I weaponry. Like you can regulate this, if M4a looking for a little fun the MM4a come together. They're like, yeah, we're definitely lookibg gonna like we're gonna none M4a looking for a little fun us are going to develop AI weaponry, and then that will develop it in secrecy.

Because I think everyone else is doing that. And secrecy, like M4a looking for a little fun stupid monkeys. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Looknig an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Helpful Links r4r A place to branch out of Ohio. City Info Subreddits for cities around Ohio. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Apple Podcasts Preview.

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