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There are two sets of baths that you can check into for a few hours of relaxation: The Roman-Irish experience, although I have yet to experience it Nude Strasbourg new, combines classic hot baths Roman with sadistic cold ones Irish.

If, Nide me, you blush reasonably easily — then Caracalla is the best option. If you are partial Nude Strasbourg new sweating yourself clean — then this is the place for you! Then, letting it all hang out, you are free to wander from sauna to steam bath to shower with impunity.

Not everyone is coy. Middle aged men wandering around in nothing but flip-flops and glasses is not an uncommon sight here.

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Nude Strasbourg new are advised to either take one large towel or two smaller towels with you into the saunas — Nude Strasbourg new you are expected to mop up your own sweat. A small one for your feet stops the cheesey smelling sweat from permeating the woodwork and a large one for your buttocks catches the rest.

You may enter the sauna with your towels — but flip-flops, sandals and spectacles need to be left outside.

Spectacles can be worn inside Nude Strasbourg new sauna of course — but if they have metal frames they tend to heat up fairly quickly and may burn the side of your cranium before you know it. The Caracalla textile-free zone seems to be frequented by persons of a certain age and a certain size.

The average punter seems to be about aged 50, overweight and tanned. If you want eye-candy then staying downstairs in the swimming area is the best course of action. Despite Strasbourh scenery, it is well worth getting your kit Nude Strasbourg new to enjoy the delights of the Caracalla fully.

I forgot to mention… the worst bit about visiting the saunas at Caracalla … is putting your cold, wet cossie back on when you leave!

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