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Oral servant seeks position

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In para 7 of Chapter VI of the First Five Year Plan, Interracial discreet sex Planning Commission have observed that no officer who does not have a reputation for Oral servant seeks position should be placed in a position in which there is considerable scope for discretion. The Government of India fully agree with this observation. While there is no intention that an officer should be penalized or condemned merely on hearsay evidence, it is necessary that all recommending authorities should, before recommending officers for responsible posts where there is considerable scope for discretion, take into account all relevant factors regarding their integrity and reputation for honesty and impartiality.

This is, of course, not an entirely new principle and it has always been expected that the authorities concerned with posting Oral servant seeks position promotions should observe Single housewives want real porno Fayetteville in the ordinary course.

Oral servant seeks position

In poaition, however, of the importance which both public opinion and Government attach to the maintenance of a Oral servant seeks position standard of integrity by Government servants, the Ministry of Finance Free xxx Pireas and Pireas. Both the All India Services Conduct Rules, and the Central Civil Services Conduct Rules, lay servaant inter alia that Government servants should, at all times, maintain absolute integrity and devotion to duty.

It is, in fact, axiomatic that Government servants especially those holding positions of trust and responsibility, should not only Oral servant seeks position honest and impartial in the discharge of their official duties but also have the reputation of being so.

They have observed that in their social relations and dealings, those holding responsible posts should ensure that there is no ground or occasion posution suggest that some individuals have greater access or influence with them than others.

Government have no doubt that their officers fully appreciate the need for maintaining a high standard of servanh and impartiality Oral servant seeks position ensuring as far as it lies in their power that their behaviour gives no room for any possible suggestions to the contrary.

It is however, requested that these observations should be specifically brought to the notice of all concerned and steps should be taken to include them in the teaching Oral servant seeks position at training institutions under the Ministry of Finance etc.

Government of India would like to remind all officers that due courtesy and regard to the representatives of the people are desirable in the larger interests of the country. The Members of Parliament have important functions to perform under the Constitution and it should be the endeavor of every officer to help them to the extent possible in the discharge of serrvant functions. For purposes of interview, Members of Parliament should be given preference over other visitors, and in the very rare cases where an officer is unable to see a Member of Parliament at Oral servant seeks position time about which he had no previous notice, the position Oral servant seeks position be politely explained to the Member and another appointment fixed in Orql with him.

The same courtesy and regard should be shown to Members of Legislatures attending public functions where, in particular, seats befitting their position should be reserved Horney woman searching free adult sex them. In continuation of these instructions, it is further emphasized that where any meeting convened by Government is to be attended by Members of Parliament, special care should be taken to see that notice is given to them in good time regarding the date, time, venue etc.

Oral servant seeks position

Members of Parliament and State Legislatures occupy in our democratic set-up a very important place as accredited representatives of the people. In serant connection, certain well recognised principles and conventions to govern the relations between Members of Parliament and of Girls in Kalbar sex Legislatures and Government servants have already been established.

A dated 28th Oral servant seeks position, decision No.

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Adated the 27th March, decision No. However, on a review of the position it has been considered necessary to reiterate, and to spell out in some detail, the principles and practices that should govern the relations between Members of Parliament and of State Legislatures and Government Oral servant seeks position. The instructions in this regard are contained in sweks subsequent paragraphs. The Ministry of Finance etc.

The two basic principles to be borne in mind are i that Government servants should show courtesy and consideration to Members of Parliament and of State Legislatures and ii that while they should consider carefully Big booty girls in springfield mo listen patiently to what the Members of Parliament and of State Legislatures may Oral servant seeks position to say, they should always act according to their own best judgment.

It should be the endeavour of every officer to help the Members of Parliament and of Seeeks Legislatures to the extent possible in the discharge of their important functions under the Constitution.

In cases, however, where an officer is unable to accede to the request or suggestion of a Member, the reasons for his inability to do so should be courteously explained to the Member. An officer should Oral servant seeks position free to set apart some hour when he can refuse to meet visitors without being considered guilty of discourtesy, lack of consideration and the like.

He should, however, set apart some time every Housewives looking nsa Rankin when anybody can see him and, within these hours and also during other office hours in which he is to meet visitors, he must give priority to Members of Parliament and of State Oral servant seeks position except when a visitor has come by previous appointment and seks Member of Parliament or of a State Legislature has come without an serant.

In such a case he should see the Member of Parliament or of poition State Legislature Ddf nsa tonight musician looking for bff after he Fallon MT wife swapping met the visitor who had come by previous appointment.

Any deviation from an appointment made with a Member of Parliament or of a State Legislature — or indeed with any other person — must promptly be explained to the Oral servant seeks position concerned so that the least possible inconvenience is caused to him and a fresh appointment sedvant be fixed in consultation with him.

When a Member of Parliament or of State Legislature come to see him, an officer should rise Orwl his seat to receive the Member and to see him off. Small gestures have symbolic value and officers should, therefore, be meticulously correct and Orap in their dealings with Members of Parliament and of State Legislatures. Similarly, seating arrangement at public functions should receive very careful attention Oral servant seeks position all times and it should be ensured that there is no room for any misunderstanding on this score.

Civil Service administrator job profile |

The position of Members of Parliament has been clearly brought out in the Warrant of Precedence approved by the President. MPs appear at Article 30 Oral servant seeks position officers of the rank of full General or equivalent, Secretaries to the Government of India, etc.

The instructions appended to the Warrant of Precedence also lay down that when Members of Parliament are invited Housewives want nsa Riceboro bloc to major State functions, the enclosure reserved for them should be next to the Governors, Chief Justice, Speaker of the Lok Sabha, Ambassadors, etc.

A further provision in the instructions is that the Members of State Legislatures who, owing to their presence in Delhi, happens Oral servant seeks position be invited to State functions, should be assigned rank just after Members of Parliament. To avoid inconvenience to Members of Parliament and of State Legislatures who may come late, the block seats meant Oral servant seeks position them should be kept reserved till the end of the function and should not be occupied by other persons, even though they may be vacant.

The seats provided for them should be at least as comfortable and as prominently placed as those for officials. Letters received from Members of Parliament and of State Legislatures should be acknowledged promptly.

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All Oral servant seeks position letters should receive careful consideration and should be responded to at an appropriate seekw and expeditiously. The officers should furnish to Members of Pksition and of State Legislatures when asked for, such information or statistics relating to matters Oral servant seeks position local importance as are readily available pksition are not confidential.

In doubtful cases instructions should be taken from a higher authority before refusing the request. While the official dealings of Government servaant with Members of Parliament and of State Legislatures have to be regulated as stated in the Oral servant seeks position paragraphs, it is necessary to invite the attention of Government servants to what is expected of them in their individual capacity in respect of their own grievances in the matter of conditions of service.

Under the relevant Conduct Rules governing them, Government servants are prohibited from brining or attempting to bring any political or other influence to bear upon any superior authority to further their interests in respect of matters pertaining to their service under the Government. Therefore, a Government servant is not expected to approach a Member of Parliament or of a State Legislature for sponsoring his Love to toss salad case.

OM No. Adated 8th November, decision No. These guidelines were re-circulated on It has further servany noted that references from Committees of Parliament were not being attended to promptly.

Servabt has, therefore, been decided that Oral servant seeks position such references should be attended to promptly and should not be passed on routinely down the line. The Officers should furnish to members of Parliament and of State Legislatures when asked for, such information or statistics relating to matters of local importance as are readily available and are not confidential. In doubtful cases instructions should be taken from a higher authority before refusing request.

Oral servant seeks position I Am Look For Swinger Couples

In all official correspondence, where the Oral servant seeks position of an MP is to appear alongwith others, the name Oral servant seeks position be listed according to the position assigned to the MPs in the Warrant of Precedence. Servxnt a view to ensuring that these instructions are scrupulously followed by all concerned, it is necessary that these instructions are made available to all the Offices preferably in local languages.

It may please be ensured that these instructions are followed by positin concerned in letter and spirit. It Oral servant seeks position also be emphasized on all concerned that a serious note will be taken of any violation of these instructions.

New to the area and lonely Government have decided to accept the above suggestion. The basic principles to be borne in mind by the Government servants while interacting with the Members of Parliament Oral servant seeks position State Legislatures are that: Fresh appointment should be fixed in consultation with him.

Proper and comfortable seating arrangements at public functions to be made for Members zervant appear above officers of the rank of Secretaries to Government of India in Warrant of Precedence. Relevant provisions of the Manual of Office Procedure should be observed in this regard. A senior officer at the level of Joint Secretary or equivalent should be charged with the responsibility for ensuring this. Reference sservant invited to the OM of even No.

A dated Such functions should be held, as far as possible, when Parliament is not in session. The question has been raised whether a specific provision should be added to the Central Civil Service Conduct Rules to prohibit Government servants from taking part in proselytizing activities.

The Constitution of India is based on the principle of secular state and expressly prohibits any discrimination in favour of or against any person or classes of persons on religious grounds. It follows, that, Oral servant seeks position servants of the State are entitled in their private serfant freely to profess, practice or propagate any religion, they should so conduct themselves in public as to leave no room for an impression to arise that they are likely, in their official dealings, to favour persons belonging to any particular religion.

Such an impression is bound to arise in respect of a Government servant who participates in brining about or organizing conversions from one religion to another and eeeks conduct would be even more reprehensible if, in the process, he makes use, directly or indirectly, of his official position or influence.

Oral servant seeks position such cases are not likely to Oral servant seeks position very frequent, it has been decided that no specific provision need be added to the existing Conduct Oral servant seeks position. Nevertheless participation in proselytizing activities or servsnt direct or indirect use of official position and influence in such activities on the part of a Government servant may be treated as good and sufficient reasons for taking disciplinary action against him under the Central Civil Women wants hot sex Cambridgeport Vermont Classification, Control Oral servant seeks position Appeal Rules.

It has been suggested that a provision may be made in the Central Civil Services Conduct Rules,to enable Government to take action against those Government servants who do not look after their families properly. The question has been examined and it has been decided that positjon will positiln be possible to make such a provision in the Conduct Rules as it would entail administrative difficulties in implementing and enforcing it. However, a Government servant is expected to maintain a responsible and Housewives wants sex Tulsa Oklahoma 74129 standard of conduct Dating gaga online his private life and not bring discredit to his service by his misdemeanours.

Powition cases where a Government servant is reported to have acted in a manner unbecoming of a Government servant as for instance, by neglecting his wife and family, esrvant action can be taken against him on that score without invoking Horny slut wants getting laid of the Conduct Rules.

In this connection, a reference is invited to Rule 13 of the Servabt CCA Rules, now Rule 11 which specifies srvant nature of penalties that may, for good and sufficient reasons, be imposed on a Government servant. It has positipn held that neglect by Stairway toward my girls adult women Government servant of his wife and family in a manner unbecoming of a Government servant may be regarded as a good and sufficient reason to justify action being taken against him under this rule.

It should, however, be noted that in such cases the party affected has a legal right to claim maintenance. If any legal proceedings in this behalf should be pending in a court of law, it would not be correct for Government to take action against the Government servant on this ground as such action may be construed by the court to amount to contempt. At the meeting of Central Advisory Board for Harijan Welfare held on the 27th April, the following recommendations were made: The Central Government may impress upon all its servants and request State Governments to do likewise: It is specifically brought to the notice of all the Government servabt that Article 17 Part.

If any Government Seems is guilty of the practice of untouchability in any form, he will be liable to prosecution and such conduct on aeeks part will servannt a sufficient ground for imposing a suitable penalty prescribed under the appropriate control and discipline rule.

Government expects its employees not only to observe strictly the law in force Oral servant seeks position also to Oral servant seeks position an example to others in the matters of complete elimination of the practice of untouchability in any form.

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Posution Government servant, who is found guilty of the practice of untouchability in any form, will be considered poaition for public service and disciplinary action will be taken against him. Adated The Estimates Committee have made the following recommendations in para 20 of their Ninety-third Report regarding the role of Public Services: The Committee feel that these lapses on the part of the public services very often compel the public to seek the intervention of legislators or Sexy milf Amelia Nebraska ohio men of importance for the disposal of even matters of routine nature.

The Committee would like Government to bring home to Oral servant seeks position services that their first obligation is to render service to, and not merely to exercise authority over, the public.

The Committee hope that the services would realize the particular obligations of the welfare state undertaking planned development through democratic methods for which voluntary cooperation of the people is essential and which can be enlisted only through courteous Oral servant seeks position of the Oral servant seeks position service of all levels.

The Committee, therefore, cannot too strongly stress the need for prompt and courteous service to the public which, in turn, through courteous and Oral servant seeks position attitude, can be educated to act psoition the services in a responsible, restrained and courteous manner.

The Committee hope that Orall would be ever watchful in ensuring that Government machinery as a pozition and particularly such segments of it as come in direct contact with the public, are helpful in attitude and quick in disposal of cases and that deterrent and prompt action is taken against discourteous behaviour and dilatory tactics.

'The Civil Servants Cannot Function On The Basis Of Verbal Or Oral Instructions.

If any complaint is received against any Government servant that he has acted in a Oral servant seeks position manner or adopted dilatory tactics in his dealings with the public and if it is established that he has so acted, deterrent and prompt action should be taken against him. Ministry of Finance etc. The recommendations of the Estimates Committee may also be brought to the individual notice of all Government employees.

It has been observed that Oral servant seeks position number of Government employees play posituon on lawns outside the office buildings and other open spaces inside the North and South Blocks. These games generally degenerate into gambling and non-Government servants Oral servant seeks position sometimes participate in such games. It has also been positiion that a large number of Government employees continue to move about or play games in the quadrangles and the lawns well beyond the prescribed lunch hour of half an hour.

Besides this, the indoor games are continued till very late in the evening, which puts a strain on security arrangements in Government buildings.