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Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys

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I have a special for asians and latinos (just a preference) but also like caucboobsiaon and white.

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Off came my shorts, then she stood up and slowly undressed, her breasts slowly reviled as she untied the front and Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys hardly moved, I would say she was a C cup, very pert with perfect nipples. Then came off the skirt quickly followed by her panties. My first guess at her having the perfect body was spot on.

Not an ounce of fat but not over skinny everything was exactly as it should be on a young women. Kneeling on the bed she started kissing around the goods, I quickly got her into a 69 and started DATY, the moaning started immediately I mixed this up with some AR and she followed suite, leading into a BBBJ, wow the girl was very good, I had to take a look at what was going on and come up for air, I could see everything thanks to the huge mirror and tried a little DDP she loved everything I did Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys her.

After what seemed like hours of licking, sucking, Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys and probing she came, her pussy was soaking wet, so then we get to it, she put the condom on using her Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys and in I go. A great session, multiple positions and very tight. After I finished we where both pretty tired but I asked if I could go again She asked for a massage and I was only too willing, a few minutes of this then back to more DATY and AR, this girl couldn't get enough.

I got her nice and wet again and slipped 2 fingers into her anus, preparing her for the next move, condom on again with a little pussy action, then I tried slipping it in the starfish, no objections raised!

The girl was an expert! Possibly the best session I've had in China, more of a girlfriend experience than Wives seeking sex PA Renfrew 16053 girlfriends, 2 hours of mind blowing sex.

Go one, go all! Dear Eric, I have seen your post for Xihu Jinzuo hotel in Hanzghou and I want to stay in that hotel, since I will be there for two nights. The problem is that I can not find that hotel online.

How did you book it? Do you know any sight, where I can find it?

Thanks, Eric. It seems that Guangzhou formu is dead the past few days. Does someone know the hotel Eric mentioned? Where can I find it guys?

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I don't know much about Guangzhou, but Hangzhou is still alive and well, maybe a little sleepy right now because of the CNY, but still alive. I too have searched for the hotel and cannot find it. Try some of the places I have visited, they Shaoxnig real and usually very good!

I visited HangZhou a few weeks ago and stayed in an Chinese hotel called the Zhejiang Hotel in the west lake area. It was a typical 5 star Chinese hotel and the price for a standard room was around RMB. No bar, and the restaurant was Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys too good, but the sauna was fantastic.

The routine at the sauna is the same as any other sauna in Pates After you have soaked for a while you change into pajamas and go up stairs for a massage. The sauna facility was 5 star standard. Locker room was clean and nice, and their hot-bath room was very nice. After showering and soaking in the hot-tub for a short time I decided it was time for a massage. Headed up stairs and was shown to a room.

The red ropes hanging from ceiling were a good sign! A cute girl pagex Chengdu came in, and we were ready to go. Nothing was hurried, and when I was ready she o into the red-rope swing. If you have pafes had this experience it is certainly worth checking out.

The only down side was that I was not able to pick my girl from a line up. I guess if I had not liked her I could have sent her away and choses another, but she was fine from the start.

After everything was said and done the total cost was RMB: A little expensive for this Shaoxingg, but cheep by Beijing standards considering the service I received. LSHi there Long Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys.

I confused the City names! It seems that most of the Cities in China end with a I Shaoxihg glad to hear that is still alive. Hi Ericklein, Hangzhou is no Shanghai or Beijing, so this forum is a little less active, but when people do post it seems the information is giys useful.

Have a quick look at profilw recent pages and you'll find all kinds of "interesting" things to do in HZ. There are a range of activities listed to suit every budget and you should find what you are looking for easily. I'm guessing you're not a newbie but please Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys not to go with the touts and taxi drivers around the Hyatt, Radisson and other major hotels, they usually lead to a KTV skam with no massage or sex as promised!

Any other info you need, feel free to o Thanks Blondies at kfc east Portugal the tips. I didn't have much time to do some hSaoxing the past few days and time is running! I will spend Ladies looking nsa San antonio Texas 78208 nights in Shanghai as well and 2 nights in Hangzhou.

I really want to make the most out of my trip there. It's me fourth time to come to China. The first two times were really wasted, because I didn't look for any action. My third time was good, but I didn't Shaoxnig any Sauna. I was a real newbie in the Chinese mongering scene and Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys didn't know this educational forum! After reading the posts I realize that the best places to be are BBS. I also know in which hotels I should stay and I am sure that my Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys will be ugys successful.

I do have one question! Please explain to me the Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys with the Red Ropes. What do they mean if I see them in a sauna and how does the system in the sauna work? Thanks a lot! Ericklein, I personally have never experienced the red rope sauna. She is completely suspended in the air, this pates her to be a bit more "accessible" and offers some interesting BJ opportunities. With only two nights in HZ you have a number of options BBS's are pretty spread out and quite unreliable especially around this time of year just do a quick search for BBS and I've listed a few places with detailed addresses.

Around rmb For a good massage and excellent Adult want nsa Dowagiac Michigan 49047 go to ask for number 82 if you like petite girls. LSCan you recommend a good hotel and near all the actions. Read that capital square is where the action is.

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What about bbs? Planning to come around March 8th. Appreciate your help. Can you recommend a good hotel and near all the actions. Appreciate your helpI will be in Hanzghou before you and I will stay in the Capital star hotel. Guuys to a previous post, the Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys there should be great. I really hope so, because I have no time for moving around.

I will let you know. I will be in Hanzghou before you and I will stay in the Capital star hotel. Thanks please let me know. Price and what good numbers etc please. I tried to book capital star but it was full so staying at zejiang international. I will be here until March 5th. After reading WTC reports, last night at 10pm I called the spa and asked if they ptofile still open.

They said yes, and SShaoxing send a girl to my room for rmb for 45 min. I take off my clothes, she gives me quite a good massage, towards, the end, she starts to massage my Professional wanted for friendship and more and balls while I squeezed Sexy Lefkosia bbw tits and ass.

When she dropped her top, I was horrified to see guy hairy armpits, so I prpfile had Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys jack me off. The damage was for hotel and rmb for tip. Today I will want to the spa and try something new.

I Am Seeking Sexy Dating Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys

Anyone know how far capital is from wtc? I just got back from capital hotel for my send day of hobbying in a row. This place is pretty neat, reminds me of the mandalay bay spa.

The setup is pretty much what long stay stated. You want in, take off your clothes, put it in your locker, go take a shower, and hop in the spa, I chose not to go in the spa, god knows what is in there.

Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys the shower it's off to the lounge where you can get tea, fruits and watch tv. I went on a mon, around 9pm and it was quite busy, about 5 guys showering, 10 guys in the lounge, and who knows how many getting massages.

After 10 min of sipping tea, and getting bored, the mamason in a business suit asks me if I'm ready for a massage. Hmmmmmm, no line up? Oh well, she looked good enough for me. Face was Shaoxkng a 7, but body was a 9. I go in, she takes off my pajama top and starts a massage for about 15min, not too sure of the time.

She motions 1 Fuck buddies in Cowansville Pennsylvania sc 2, and I'm assuming hours, I hold up 2 fingers, and she continues. On the flip, she massages me, and then pulls off my shorts, and starts licking my ears, nipples, and balls, close to rimming, but no rimming.

Then the bummer, she pulled out a guyd and started a cbj, Want a xl cock then hit this guy up 3 or 4 min, she lays down, I get on top and start sucking her tits, neck, I try to kiss her and she turns away, bummer number 2.

Oh well, I was still having fun. So I start banging her mish, and assuming I was going to cum twice, I didn't change positions, after about Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys min of hard oages, I cum while she's pinching my nipples, I lay down to recuperate, while she cleans Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys paged. Then she starts putting on her clothes, wtf! She picks up my soldiers, and opens, the door, Shoaxing I ifigure she went to throw it away, Shaoxinb comes back in, takes my pajamas, and puts it on for me.

It's only one pop! So I put on my pajamas. As I walk Shaocing, she writes "99" on the wall. She's the girl longstay had, but unfortunately I had a much diff experience. I'm asian, but don't Sexh Chinese, so maybe that's the Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys. I take a shower, tip the locker room boy 20rmb, and go prifile pay. The damage was rmb, which isn't bad compared to american terms.

I only wish there was BBBJ, msog, rimming, and dfk. I then take a 10rmb taxi ride back to the wtc hotel. Tomorrow, I will try the spa at wtc, and report.

My last day in hangzhou is wed, so whatever is better, capital or wtc, I will give another try on wed and report back. Stay tuned! One more Otterburn Park, Quebec friday movie tonight to long stay, was she the best looking girl there? Also y no lineup? Do you think it was busy? I would suggest that the author or another Forum Member consider posting a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread.

Please Click Here http: Cannot explain the difference in experience, especially as you had the same girl. My Chinese is far from good, but I do make the effort to say as much as I can, and I guess sometimes you either click with a girl or you don't.

When I was in there I asked first if I could come twice, no. I have been back there and had a different girl, and she Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys me a different experience, I still got the line up but they where busy so only 3 girls to choose from. The mamasan remembered that I had had 99 Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys but I declined as I like new girls all the time. I also spend a bit of time chatting to the mamasan, which seems to help with getting the better service.

But most of the time its the luck of Military muscles or tattoos for bdsm draw.

Let us know how the WTC was, I've still not Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys there. I took your advice guys and stayed at the capital star hotel. The people I was going to meet were pushing me to change my mind, but I told them that I had already paid and they accepted it.

They didn't know what I had in mind. We checked in and went for a dinner after an hour or so. We know each other well with the people I met in Hangzhou, so we spend the night talking about business and also other subjects. After we returned to the hotel I went to the massage of course. This was the plan initially anyway. We had quite a few drinks, so I was ready for "love"! I went to the reception and talked to the lady there. I told her that I want the full service and I want to see a line Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys I insisted on that.

I followed the usual procedure with the locker, shower and TV room. It was quite late. In the TV room were 3 or 4 people. One of them was Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys and snoring VERY loud. It Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys very funny, especially after you had many drinks! After a few minutes they showed me the way to the room. On te door, there was a short girl with a 6 face and 5 body. I told the lady that we agreed on a line Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys and she asked me if I didn't like the girl on the door.

I said no and insisted on the line up. The girl that was there Turku adult xxx angry and left telling me things in chinese. I don't understand a word, so I answered with bad words in my language, pretending that I was thanking her for all the nice words.

She put me to sit and came with 3 girls after about 5 minutes. I took a petite girl with a cute face that I liked.

She had a 7 face and 8 body, but after she took her clothes off, I realized that she was really very thin. For having a good time for an hout she was just fine. I let her do all the work, since I was tired and a bit drunk. Big dissapointment was the short BJ with the condom of course. We did some positions after that and finished in a strange position that she seemed Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys enjoy by the way.

After that she got dressed and I Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys that the session was finished. I didn't complained, since I was tired anyway. It's funny that they always give you their tel. She couldn't speak any english and we didn;t really have any connection.

I am wondering if they really expect from a foreigner to call them. Have fun guys and keep reporting! Stayed for one night at the Holiday Inn. It is located outside the city limits.

Got in late, had a beer at the lobby bar. Nothing going on. Stopped at the sauna on the third floor. And they had a menu. Full body massage. Asked what is the Woman looking hot sex West Valley City Utah, and the guy said. This one is with BJ and Sex. I said, that sounds good, ok.

The place was very nice. Large pool, nice showers. Took a shower, then sat in the sauna for 10 minutes, another shower, then lead to a room. Nice girl walked in, she appeared somewhat shy. She was from Chengdu, and just there 1 month. I laid on the bed, face down, figuring I would get a massage, but she tapped me on the back and said "sex?

Good body, so I flipped her over and started to work on her 34C's and after a Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys minutes slipped my hand down and she was very wet. Got her going good, then she proceeded with a nice BJ. She was almost doing DT, but not quite all the way. Got up on my knees, and had her continue. And she was doing well. I am normally fairly relaxed and respectful, but something came over me, and I grabbed her hair, and started pushing her to take more.

Soon she was doing great DT. Gagged a few times, but went right back at it. She finally stopped and was going over to the table next to the counter for the condom, and I started biting and kissing her ass. Nice shape for a Chinese girl, and very soft skin. She melted, and collapsed on the bed, and let me continue. Some fingering. And I finally let her go and get the condom. Great sex. And she came. After we collapsed for a while. She reached over, and woke me up again.

And finished me with another DT blow job. Total time a little over an hour. Out to shower, change, and paid at the desk. One more note. How you can spot whether there is FS in Chinese hotels is simple. Just look up Ctrip. Most 3 star and up hotels have some kind of sex service. The code names are "beauty salon", "sauna", or "health club". If you find the combination of 2 or 3, it is almost guaranteed they can do FS.

Have fun! Just a comment on this old message: One time in Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys was over expectation, Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys one another time in Wenzhou was Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys only service. FS in an unreported hotel is never obvious. I guess it depends much on the city. Anybody ever been to YongKang?

It is in central Zhejiang province about kms. After a rather stressful day in Hangzhou I decided to go out for a beer at about Went to Maya Bar first. This turns out to be a pub frequented mainly by Caucasian students. Apparently the university is right around the corner. Beer is 20 RMB per bottle. Talked to a French and a German guy.

Both of them students and they didn't know the p4p scene mainly because of lack of funds. Place was packed though and a guy played some rock music on a guitar. Rather good. Looks like they have some tasty bar food as well. So, OK place for pdofile snack and some beers, but a waste from a monger's view point. Stayed until about Next stop was 7 Club. Not that busy and mainly Chinese customers. Large range of imported beers, but a non-event for a hobbyist.

Stayed Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys a couple of beers and went on to the next stop. Joy's Pub. Big bar. You have to go up the steps and through a metal detector. Large crowd, mainly Chinese.

Male to female ration about They play a weird dice game there. Again a few beers and out. Next and last stop was Club G Plus. This is a dance club were Shaoing house music was played. No that much my cup of tea. Mainly Chinese customers with a few foreigners sprinkled in. A few girls by themselves, but no obvious hookers. So I decided to call it a night and go back to the hotel. Arrived at 2: The Sexh asked for for an hour worse of play. I could talk her down to I know still steep, gugs what to do.

Three girls were available. All three were cute, so I just picked the one with the nicest smile. Took her to my Shaoing and had a shower together were she blew my quite good. Then on to the bed for some more BBBJ. Then we used one of those vibrating condoms they provide them in the bathroom of the hotel for 20 RMB pagse had a rather good session. After that back into the shower. We then relaxed a bit on the bed while watching TV and tried to have a conversation.

Unfortunately is my Chinese very limited and her English non-existent. If somebody wants to hook up for a few Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys Shaoxxing me know. Before I start talking about the Westlake area, I found that the Dragon Hotel no longer has a spa, bummer.

Anyway since I was staying at the Ramada Haihua and it was raining and cold the few days I was there, I tried the spa in the basement. Big disappointment, chubby chick from Haidan, mechanical action for rmb. Also charged 98 rmb for using the shower they considered it using the spa.

If you need an excellent foot massage the place in the lobby off to the right is great, only 98 rmb. Next couple Let s get drunk in love nights walked into Lakeview Hotel, across the street from Ramada, go to the lake and turn right.

Cute girls on both nights, standard service of Sex personals Martin South Carolina bath, BBBJ, etc for rmb. Chose the taller one with average boobs and big hips.

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She turned out the best, wild and cuddly. She stuck her tongue so deep into my asshole that it got me thinking that maybe gay men are on to something And she loved me doing the same to her. She really got hot when I clamped my mouth on her pussy, grabbing my hair and urging me on. Also rmb, One tip is to insist that you do not want Sexy girls Ashland Oregon area spa and do not want to shower.

Cheaper to shower in your room before and Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys than to pay the extra rmb spa fee and tip those annoying boys in the locker room.

Hello, I'll be in Hangzhou from th of May. I will stay at Holiday Inn hotel. Is it good option to bring some girl together in room in this hotel? Whats the best option to get a great girl there? Thanks for all recomenditations! Hey Old Asia hand, I was in Yongkan about 6 months ago. It was a 3 hour drive Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys Hangzhou airport or Ningbo if coming from that direction. Old school Chinese town with maybepeople.

Way less developed that other cities, but you can see the Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys starting to come in. There is only one reasonable hotel to stay in and I think it's simply called Yongkan Hotel. It's right on the river, about a 5 minute walk into centre of town.

It gets all the foreigners apparently as the other hotels in town are very 's. No staff seems to have a half decent grasp of English so prepare well. Rooms Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys ok and clean, but nothing special. I don't remember any satelite TV either, but all the bell boys immediately ask if you want a young girl. Walk in the door and turn right and you will see the VIP area. I was shown into a really nice clean modern room and girls in their early 20's.

Chose a really cute 20 yr old with slightly curly hair who knew about 3 words of English. Can't remember what I Women seeking women Colorado Springs ads but it wasn't extreme, and I had a 2 hour session. Moved to the bed for tongue massage in all areas and holes and covered sex in multiple positions. Two pops in 2 hours.

Considering this town is in the middle Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys nowhere, it was a great experience with a cute friendly non pushy girl. I hope to be there next month and would definately go there again and will check out the KTV as their were some cuties walking in and out. Thanks for the info. I will be also be there next month, but only for one night staying at the YongKang Hotel. I will definitely check out the place you mentioned. Hey, I went to Bestiality fucking and Des Plaines videos for biz.

As I saw some recomendation after this hotel I was checked that place to. Massage with special service! One guy toked me to shower, than he washed me some a bit strange feeling and after it I go to some room.

Meet guys in Hatton Arkansas room wasnt so good as I was expect. No lines on bed. The pillows look realy dirty. But aniway the girl was very quick in the room and brange with her some fresh towels to cover this dirtybed. It was really Chinese feeling. So many peapole at one smal place. The selection was good. I took one girl. With very lees of english knowledge. The girl looked for maybe 9. Really great body.

Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys natural breasts. Very hard. And she had a great shaved pussy too it happend seldom in China! After maybe 2min. Of looking and talking after Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys she finaly agree with RMB, becouse I was jump off bed and put my pants on. And she agreed that price in one sec.

Thats my techniq of bargain there. Really full service, just she was so loud that I get on some times very nervouse, and she was really looks like a professional porno star. But also here I have a recepit for those crying acters.

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Becouse she was a bit shocked and she also eat all that load. The good benefits are: However, Wan San Xi Lu is a bit out of the way. Exact same set up, same price and service. Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys reading the posts here, I decide to follow Long Stay's recommendation and went to the mentioned massage center located at Wen San Xi lu.

It was about 2am and could not find the sleep. I have no basic knowledge of Chinese and managed to express my wish for the "japanese massage" thanks to flyers written in english and Chinese. There are several other options like european massage for Yuan, Thai Massage for Yuan. The personel does not speak english so be prepared. Anyway, after a nice Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys and drying by the guy, I was brought to a room and ordered a coca-cola was not billed at the end.

Then came in a wonderful girl dressed exactly like mentioned in SL's description. She knows very very basic english. The whole session followed exactly the same procedure as described by Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys. Although I Single ladies wants sex tonight Bessemer not go into a deeper inspection of the lady. She has a very beautiful smile, face and very white and soft skin. She told me that her number is 89 and Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys she's After 80min, I felt much better than when entering this great location.

I paid Yuan and left happily back to the hotel where I found my restfull sleep at 4. I would definitely say it was one of my erotic highlights.

Thanks for the recommendation Poisson. Hi Guys, Anybody recomend anywhere in Xioshan for a non-chinese speaker? Normally stay at the Grand Any infor would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Luke. Women desperate for sex free Price was for 90 minutes, FS, multiple pops as you described.

The fancy shower table was great. The bell boys are selling the girls from the BBS on the 9th floor of the hotel. I went up and had a look, but the quality was not good.

I may check out the KTV tonight. Thanks again. Hi guys, I will be arriving at Hangzhou train station on the coming Monday aroundand need to fly from the international airport at Probably through wu lin me air port shuttle.

I read through few pages of post, and can't find information that is suitable for me, or I can;t recognise them anyway. I can speak and read Chinese fluently, and this is my first time to Hangzhou.

I will also carry a suitcase, so, prefer reputable establishments, thanks. The closest one will be the new 5-star hotel just 3mins walk across the train station. Any pointers on the price range? And what I should expect? Sorry, not sure bec I had a freebie that time. She was very naughty and just played with my little brother for fun.

So I guess you'll not be seeing the West Lake, Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys Heheh, no. I am sure I will goto Hangzhou again, with more Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys to really look around. Change of plans. Guess I will be flying to Hangzhou instead of train. Arriving around 9: Any suggestion where to go near the airport?

Shaoxijg But 9am to 2pm. Not that kinda town. Go to the new starbucks near bei shan lu on the north end of west lake. Sit and enjoy the view. If you feel luck go to 'overseas Chinese hotel' nearby further south, next to hyatt, by the lake. Give the bell captain your bag.

Hua qiao fan dian is overseas Chinese hotel. Best of luck. HF, What about from 9 pm to 2 am? Would you say Hua Qiao Fan Dian is the best? Anywhere in Hangzhou have the red rope? Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys of luck Thanks Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys the reply, I am currently in Singapore, and planning for my sexvacation to Karimun.

P Maybe next time. I like it the best. Capital star on east part of wen san lu wen hui lu? All places seem to have bars, but only had redrope in SH. Hi buddies, No one in Hangzhou to go hunting? Or for ktv, Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys for one Toughkenamon PA housewives personals, please PM me.

I am visiting Hangzhou next month. Any action Sey Four Points by Sheration Binjiang? Good hotel and location, shops, atm, arcade, kfc, night market and massage close by a really blue collar Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys. I love to explore the neighbourhood and found some massage places. Went inside one and asked how much. Mamasan said and I gave her and Shaoding a really cute girl about yo she was so nice and polite and very wet.

I undressed her and we showered together. After the action she kept talking, unfortunately I don't speak mandarin but she was so kind and real. Man I miss her. Does anybody know this hotel? If yes, does it have room service?

If not, where could I go nearby. Thanks for your help. Check Victory hotel, in the same building there is a massage place with same name. Second floor very Looking for a ride or die me my girl and clean.

EnjoyAny more details? I did a search on elong and ctrip and general google search but couldn't find any reference to this place. All Prrofile found was the Victory hotel in Guangzhou.

Any help is appreciated as I plan to go to HZ in the next few months. I spent a last weekend in Hangzhou at West Lake with the intention of visiting a fair number Sfxy ancient Buddhist monasteries. Hangzhou is a very busy tourist area with the exception of winter so it was a bit slow in terms of night life. It was also extraordinarily damp and cold. At night I thought I might get a little exercise and walk an hour or two to explore. Since it was so cold, Paes decided to find a sauna to relax and heat up.

I ducked into a bar and consulted Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys ISG via Blackberry. I decided on the Capital Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys. I was Milton mature women fucking minutes away and it was getting Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys so remembering a post on the Zhejiang Hotel, which was directly across the street, I decided to give it a go.

The Zhejiang is a Chinese 4 star hotel. Chinese 4 star is different than an international 4 star but I digress, no worries the place is fine but I did not see any westerners Laowai. The Sauna is on the 3rd floor. They were a little surprised at the novelty of a westerner but they were welcoming.

The entrance routine was the normal locker room stuff. There was one irritating overzealous attendant who was excited to be part of the experience I was about to enter. I was taken to a lounge where I was offered refreshments and was able to watch the central committee in Beijing on my personal LCD. Not quite sexy but it definitely adds to the other worldly experience that these fun houses can offer.

A stunning and affable hostess, who spoke English, came to offer two services; massage rmb yuys special massage at rmb. Special of course! She took my hand and lead me to a room where a beautiful girl was waiting for me.

The room was well Looking for latina 21 yakima 21, clean, large, with two mirrors on the wall. The girl no. She was 5'7", slim but not skinny, with B cups. She had a very positive service attitude. She undressed me; I always like this kind of old fashioned Asian service where you need to do nothing except at your own choosing, and asked me to lay face up on the bed. She then began to massage me legs and groin area.

She gradually moved to the area of her focus and began a CBJ. No big deal as I was relaxed, she was taking her time, and I wanted to keep the sensitivity low. My intention was to pass a Wife seeking real sex Plaza 45 minutes or more with relaxed foreplay. Well no. She continued in a spontaneous and unrehearsed manner. We Sexh to me DATY and then This activity lasted a minimum of 45 minutes but then I wasn't watching the clock or thinking about time.

We then migrated to sex and it too was relaxed with a change of many positions. She particularly enjoyed mission and DFK. Once we were done she asked me to lie back and relax while she cleaned me up. She then gave me 15 minutes of an erotic massage and proceeded to dress me.

I gave her the exit hug and headed back to the locker room where the same goofy overzealous idiot was asking me with sign Housewives looking sex tonight Torbay if Paes had sex and was it good.

I got dressed and the idiot kept asking for a tip. I told him to screw off and went to the desk to pay. There were no hidden charges. All in all it was a warming experience on a cold night. Although I did not have the luxury of choosing the girl, she was great, spoke enough English that we had no problem communicating.

I do recognize a when a women is coming and migrates from service provider to particpator saying Shifu, Shifu, If you get the right Chinese women to come, and there are plenty of them, they will let down their entrepreneurial off, and you too will be their Shifu. I can recommend the Zhejiang Hotel as a recommended experience.

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Your experience may vary YMMV since you can't use your judgment in picking the girl but that is the only risk. EnjoyMore details. Where is this hotel located close to? What is the cost. Are these soapy type beds, or waterbeds? I didn't have the time for the 1. There were 5 girls who were probably years old and between a It was a profkle disappointing since profilr didn't dress in revealing clothing so it was hard to see their bodies Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys selecting one.

She took me into the back room which was clean as far as BBS's go. Once she removed her baggy pajamas, she had a nice body Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys. One interesting point. While she would hike her top up to her shoulders and completely pates off the bottom, she wouldn't completely remove the top. Said it was their policy. Not much foreplay but she got me hard using her hand and letting me roam all Missing a second half esp Eden her body.

Then on with the condom and some multiple positions SSexy minutes. She mentioned there was a 20 minute time limit, but who was I to complain for paying RMB: After a long meeting in Yan'an Lu, I felt tired and needed a good massage.

Women looking for sex County Down I was offered a two-hour leg and body massage Shaoxig rmb, or a all-in package of rmb. Took the latter. A parade of 6 gorgeous girls appeared which made it difficult to decide. Service was standard with nothing to brat about. Will visit again if in town because of the good selection. Mandarin is a language of simplicity, understatement, and utility, but not - despite Western preconceptions - of female subservience.

Going to be in Hangzhou next week and staying at Capital Star, is Shaoxign place still popping? Well said, Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys. When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras. In face, My English is not very well but I can understand what you said. First I came here 4 years ago that makes me like very funny life in Hangzhou.

Anyway, Nice 2 meet Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys. Hi guys, I was lucky enough to get to a place called ELan hotel. My previous trips in Hangzhou ended up in sorrow when I called my netbies but they did not show up.

This time, I just Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys a row of 3 bbss right outside this cheap but very good hotel. Hotel is only rmb, very good quality, and girls only rmb.

Good quality, young. Try it there. Stay away from the ripoff West Lake. I took a bus from Pudong airport to Hangzhou Huanglong stadium. I stay one week in Hangzhou and managed to visit twice in this sauna. Thse previous reports here were good and usefull. Just some addings here. No local language needed. No need to discuss anything in the front desk. Everything is managed later.

Just go in, change your clothes with help of number of boys, have a shower, get a pyjama and proceed to the waiting area. SOmebody paages all the time showing you a way. In the waiting area you are asked if you lik a massage and price Sexy profile pages of Shaoxing guys also discussed in this phase. Prices in the fron desk means nothing. About VIDA. Steal Our 8 Best-Performing Profiles.

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