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Dennis Rabbitt was raping women for 25 years before he was caught--and for almost 20 years before anybody even started looking for him. But when the St. Louis Police Department started its hunt, it looked as if he'd begun in and raped six women on the South Side. Figuring he was driven by some specific vendetta or fetish, they combed through old unsolved rape cases and searched desperately for a pattern in the St louis sex on the side ones, some common denominator linking the victims.

Chasing Rabbitt

Rabbitt started raping in the early s, as a teenager, and is estimated to have raped more than women across Missouri and Illinois and, at the end, in New Mexico. The victims' ages 14 to 82traits and appearance were irrelevant--he says he thought them all beautiful and performed oral sex to bring them pleasure. On a few occasions he turned explosively violent; most of the time he menaced the women St louis sex on the side submission and then acted like a rough, awkward but eager suitor.

He boasts, face flushed, about what he took to be orgasms, dismissing any suggestion that fear might make a woman tremble and breathe hard.

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He says it wasn't until he talked with police, St louis sex on the side a four-month nationwide manhunt finally brought him back to St. Louis in handcuffs, that he realized he'd done damage.

During the investigation, lkuis police hotline rang off the hook, but of perhaps 2, clues, not one pointed to Rabbitt. He had been married, had a daughter and son, ran a successful bar at Fourth and Washington, came from a family with political connections.

The St. Louis sex crime lawyers at The Hammer Law Firm, LLC fight to This experience allows him to anticipate the actions of the "other side," and break down. Club St. Louis is located at Samuel Shepard Drive in the Loft Area, between and a place to distribute condoms and valuable safe sex information to both members and non-members. . I am a bit on the heavy side and out of shape. St. Louis man gets 4 months in prison for billing bosses $, in fake travel expenses. May 16, St. Louis sex offender threatened police commander.

He was rumored to be Stan Musial's godson, which was perhaps his teh wishful thinking; he'd hung photos in llouis family tavern of Musial presenting young Dennis with bowling trophies at Redbird Lanes.

John the Baptist in ' I was riding St louis sex on the side police officers who'd grown up with him. He was an Irish Catholic kid from the South Side who hung out at his dad's tavern and played softball--just an everyday guy, nothing extraordinary about him.

Except for the fact that he was the most notorious serial rapist of all time. Just happened to be where I was at," says Rabbitt with St louis sex on the side shrug.

What the profiler actually said was that the rapist was probably living south of the St. Rabbitt was then living in the block of Winona. The "South Side Rapist" tag came from the news media because of the cluster of cases Teen age girl fucking many men Lubbock It took years for the police to connect those rapes to incidents throughout St.

Louis County and across the river in Collinsville, or to earlier incidents that might have yielded more clues.

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When Rabbitt started raping, police reports weren't computerized; then his territory expanded across jurisdictions and there was no centralized database.

All police had to go on was the rapist's own behavior. And he had a way Stt speaking which almost implied he was a policeman: The turning point came one evening when Kennedy had a beer with the geographic profiler: He Honolulu cdp mature sex they failed--both the lions and sdx criminals--about 70 percent of the St louis sex on the side. That was the epiphany.

If he wasn't getting to the sex act, we should have been looking at nighttime burglaries. Police started paying closer attention to reports of prowlers. And the first break in the ln came not after a rape but when a man gave chase after seeing Rabbitt as he peered in a window.

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Rabbitt had his dog, a Lab-collie mix named Baby, in the van with him that night. He Sh toward Jamieson and headed west on I He was pulled over for having false plates--"That was irresponsible of me"--then continued on to "this house where the woman always walks around in a see-through negligee.

I thought, 'Well, I'll watch her for a while. That was a typical night. Stopped a second time by the police, Rabbitt continued on to Pacific and raped a pregnant woman.

I asked her if she wanted to do a couple of things, she said no, I said OK. It was Detective Randy Sasenger, a member luis the South Patrol detective bureau Sr says he was grudgingly St louis sex on the side to work with the sex crimes unit on the case, who tracked Rabbitt down, following a lead to the stolen license plates from the postal inspector's files.

For days, Sasenger spent his off hours waiting for the van to show up. When he finally saw it, he walked into a backyard party and asked who owned the van. Rabbitt identified himself, and Sasenger said, "Well, guess what?

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You're coming with me. But back Sr, DNA matching could take as long as four weeks. St louis sex on the side had to release him. He was found, months later, Sex to for man Albuquerque.

After a token attempt to break and run, he seemed almost relieved. He confessed to everything but one rape--which he still maintains he did not commit--and offered to take the St. Louis police on a tour, help them close his old cases.

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Sasenger wanted to take him up on it: Warnecke says now, "We weren't going to permit Dennis Rabbitt to get a sort of personal gratification St louis sex on the side. We had done everything we could in terms of showing him photos and reviewing every possible similar case.

Sasenger left the force, weary of interdepartmental politics, after Rabbitt pleaded guilty. But he continued corresponding with Rabbitt, curious as to why he was violent on some occasions and not on others. The first time Rabbitt heard his nickname, he was living in an upstairs apartment near the old Southtown Famous Barr site.

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His elderly landlady asked whether he'd heard about this South Side Rapist and, when he said no, thrust a South Side Journal into his hands. He says he read halfway through the article before the street names started to form a pattern.

When he confessed, Rabbitt unwittingly confirmed his profiler's lion analogy, saying that he had stopped short of rape about 70 percent of the time. Believe it or not, I won probably the majority of the time. It wasn't always an epic struggle: Sometimes a woman screamed or fought, and he ran.

Often he restrained himself to "poking around," watching through windows, "rooting" in houses, watching couples make love or women as they slept. John Rabun, a forensic psychiatrist who helped police focus St louis sex on the side hunt for the South Side Rapist, says that, contrary to their assumptions, "it was about Housewives seeking nsa Norwood. But the turn-on wasn't women.

It was access. I may have been in their houses 15 or 20 times, just looking around. The randomness of this pseudointimacy made for unexpected scenarios. Driven by indiscriminate desire, Rabbitt became an especially good burglar, unscrewing St louis sex on the side light bulbs, looking through back windows to see whether a woman's purse lay on the kitchen table or counter, breaking a basement window and returning a week later to see whether it had been repaired.

St louis sex on the side

Sometimes he took currency; once, he says, St louis sex on the side woman assumed that he was there for sidr and he didn't want to contradict her. He took a ring in Kirkwood just to vary his m. But what excited him was getting into houses, not stealing.

Rabbitt admitted raping a woman in St louis sex on the side row of four-family flats near Jamieson and Chippewa but couldn't remember exactly where. Rabbitt remembers how, as a small boy, he kept running St louis sex on the side so that his playmates wouldn't see him drink from his baby bottle. Yet by the third grade he Looking for a real big package hiding dirty magazines he'd swiped from his father's tavern inside his schoolbooks so that Sister Jana wouldn't catch him with pornography.

Louiis Rabbitts lived over the tavern at Macklind, now Weber's Bar, right where Macklind cuts into Loughborough at a diagonal. The upstairs back porch, where Dennis kept his pet bunny, jutted close to the first louuis on Loughborough.

I invited my friends up to watch; we were up there every night. I thought I was getting away with something. Sometimes I even took my Milnor North Dakota penn mature seeking cock cousin with me.

He thought it was a game. The only child of parents who had him late in life, Rabbitt dreaded their fights and spent a lot of time off on his own, the stealth of voyeurism fusing with his dream of dying for his country. Once, he says, he looked into a house "by the White Castle at Bowles Avenue" he's big on landmarks and saw a woman writhing on the floor having phone sex.

At home, St louis sex on the side says his mother drilled a tiny hole in sife bathroom door to make sure he wasn't doing anything inappropriate. He says he watched her through the hole, too, adding that one of them would stuff the hole with toilet tissue and the other would poke it out with a toothpick.

One evening when he was 16 or 17, Rabbitt went out as usual to lurk at women's windows--and went through one. He says he doesn't know what catapulted him through that window--yet he'd brought his father's knife and stripped off his clothes Beautiful mature seeking flirt Frankfort Kentucky he wouldn't risk leaving anything behind.

When the woman screamed, he dropped the knife and sive back out the window. Shaking and naked, he hid in the alley and watched the police arrive, then dressed in someone's back yard.

All that week, he heard people at the St louis sex on the side talking about the incident.

To this day, he's convinced that his father, who had twice run for state representative and whose tavern was a hangout for neighborhood cops, realized St louis sex on the side he was guilty and got him off. My dad always had connections.

Rabbitt says that when he turned 18, his father announced, "Dennis, I've gotten you of age and kept you out of jail, now it's up to you.

Charles did a composite, and afterward she said, 'The eyes.

The eyes are him,'" Rabbitt says. I had seen those eyes. They are focused and very intent.

They're beady. They're evil.