Four Munros and a Marathon: week 3

This September and October, I’ll be running two tough races, three weeks apart: the inaugural Ring of Steall Skyrace and the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon. Every week, I’ll be reflecting on my training – what worked, what didn’t, changes made, fueling, diet, sleep, etc.

What I learned this week:

  • One of the reasons the Ring of Steall has a huge elevation gain (8200 feet or 2500 m) in so little distance (16 miles or 25km) is that it starts, and finishes, at sea level. There is a sea loch at Kinlochleven, the site of the race start/finish. This means, that rather than the usual inland ascent of say 2000 feet (which is still a lot but doable), we’re climbing from the very bottom to the very top of a munro, immediately. That’s over 3000 feet. Good thing I’m still in the early phases of training.
  • Take more clothes on long trail runs because you never know what Mother Nature will throw at you!
  • My fitness is much better than it was a few months ago. This training is paying off big time.
  • Never drink alcohol, even a small amount, the day of a long trail run. You’ll find out why!

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My Little Secret

I’ve been harbouring a secret from you all for over a month now. As some of you know, I have aspirations of becoming a writer and taking paleo and primal eating, and nutritional advice, to the next level. Last month, I took it. I got a job as a resident freelance writer for Primal Eye Magazine, the UK’s first paleo magazine, writing in the categories of fitness and health. I have deadlines to meet every other weekend. You may have noticed the blog is a tad more food-oriented and otherwise quiet lately; this is because I’ve been putting my efforts into creating great content for the magazine. Some ideas I’ve had to write about on the blog will go on the magazine instead, but I will link up all of those posts for your reading pleasure.

The magazine is full of talented, UK based paleo writers. There are some pretty big names, that I know only from Instagram, that write for the magazine. I’m feel privilged to be among them. Currently, the magazine is only online, but it is hoped to be in print by autumn.

Today is special because my first article has been posted! And it’s one that’s been forming in my head for a while. It’s called Paleo + Running, and discusses how paleo is possible for runners of all distances, as well as provides guidance on what to expect when becoming a paleo runner. Click here to read the full article.

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And yes, I’m still teaching full time, for now 🙂