Sometimes WIAW

Sometimes I write a post on a Wednesday, showing you what I eat on a daily basis, to celebrate What I Ate Wednesday. It answers the question I get asked often: but what do you eat?!?!

Sometimes, (on the weekend), I eat my fruit + Nutter Bomb + coconut cream as my only breakfast. Sometimes, I run out of Nutter Bombs, so I make a lazy one instead: a small sprinkle of nuts and seeds, with nut butter on top.

20150829_081708 (2)

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Wednesday: What I Ate

No link ups, no mentions, no cute logos – just the paleo food I eat in a day, to feed my muscles, guts and brain.


Creature of habit. That’s what you can call me, especially when it comes to food. I’m the type of person that will eat the shit out of a food, only to get sick of it and not eat it for a while. Except with my breakfast.

20150810_071013 (2)

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{Recipe Redo} Nutter Bombs

You read it: Recipe Redo. When you create and then make a recipe week in, week out, things change over time. I changed this recipe to save time. In the past, I would make these crunchy and rich Nutter Bombs twice a week, which in retrospect was a hassle. I thought I was busy then, but joinin a new running club that is in a town 20 minutes away, being stretched thin at work, doing home projects in our house and finally taking on some free lance writing work (more about that in time), has left me with precious little time. My solutuion is to make the same recipes, but bigger!

These Nutter Bombs are a delicious but simple addition to my breakfast and to Pat’s nightly dessert. They combine creamy and crunchy textures, and are full of nutritious plain nuts and seeds, another great way to get some good fats into your diet.

20150607_081736 (2)

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{WIAW} Eating in Berlin

If you didn’t already know, last week I was in Berlin. And, if you didn’t know already, Berlin is my favourite city in the world. One of the reasons I love it so much is the abundance of amazing, ethnic, diverse, and fresh food options that I just can’t get in my corner of Scotland. Don’t get me wrong, I love live in farm country Aberdeenshire, nestled between the North Sea and the Grampians, but there’s just a major lack of different food options where I live.

With that, let’s dive into my Berlin trip food allstars for this week’s edition of What I Ate Wednesday 🙂

WIAW logo

Thanks to Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets and Jen at Peas and Crayons for hosting!

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Personal Bests don’t just happen

Prior to my primal switch, I was just a 10km runner that didn’t really have any aspirations other than beat my current 10km time. I started running in 2010, and between then and summer 2014, I’ve set a few new 10km personal bests by chunks of seconds. My 10km time was always above 57 minutes, and secretly, I had always wanted a faster race time, but no matter what I did, how hard I ran or how long I ran, that never happened.

Looking back to my pre-primal running days, I didn’t really do much at all to get the personal best I wanted. I thought PB’s just happened as a result of frequent and regular running, or were a result of running to maximum effort, which for me, during a race, would fizzle at about mile 4.

When I went primal, things dramatically changed. Not only did I get that sub-57 minute 10km time at the River Ness 10km last September, but I crushed my previous 57:xx PB by over three minutes. I also ran my way to two 5km personal bests that race, beating previous PB’s by a minute.

IMG_20150425_203812 (2)IMG_20150301_145620IMG_20140928_192254IMG_20141102_143853

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{WIAW} Eggcellent Primal Eats

As a primal eater, a question I often get asked from many non-primal people is “But what do you eat?????”

What I Ate Wednesday posts are a way to answer that question and to be completely transparent with my meals. It’s also a resource for new meal ideas!

The answer to that question is eggs…. judging by today’s post 😉

Breakfast was my usual:

20150506_070928 (2)

A bulletproof espresso, made of 2 shots of Lavazza espresso, 2 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp butter and a heaped tsp of xylitol to sweeten it. Have you tried the goodness that is a bulletproof coffee? This is what I get up for in the morning!

One egg fried over hard in butter, with salt and pepper. Served with stewed vegetables, (I will post the recipe soon enough).

I cut up my egg and mix it all together because this – besides scrambling eggs – is about the only way I’ll eat the yoke too. I just don’t like the consistency of egg yoke at all, but I know it’s a nutritional powerhouse, cholesterol included. Eggs aren’t nicknamed ‘Nature’s multivitamin’ for nothing!

20150506_071038 (2)

No breakfast is complete without a bowl of three fruits (mango, kiwi, plum) with coconut cream and a crumbled Nutter bomb. I will never tire of this. Ever.

20150506_072103 (2)Lunch consisted of more eggy goodness:

20150502_121057 (2)

A 2-egg omelette with mushrooms, kale, red pepper and green onion. Served with fried, sliced prosciutto on top! A bit protein heavy, but totally hit the spot and kept me satisfied.

Dinner was oven-baked chicken leg and thigh, cooked in ghee and seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic and paprika. I also baked potatoes, sweet potatoes, onions and peppers in the same seasoning. We had steamed broccoli on the side.

20150504_192833 (2)

Dessert was a bowl of sliced strawberries, more coconut cream and some stewed rhubarb I made, flavoured with vanilla and orange. It was so. good.

20150502_202903 (2)

{WIAW} The Primal Formula

As a regular contributor to Jen’s weekly What I Ate Wednesday link up, I have many people (women) comment that my meals ‘look so good!’ And while I tend to agree, that yes they both look AND taste so good, there is a certain simplicity behind each and every one. Using a given list of Yes foods and No foods, they all follow a basic formula that I, and many primal eaters, use for all meals: protein + vegetables + fat = success.

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{WIAW} Back to Primal Basics

Thanks to Jen at Peas and Crayons for hosting this Wednesday blog party of looking at other women’s food… also known as What I Ate Wednesday 😉

I also use this day to showcase what I eat on a daily basis, following a primal way of eating.

* click on the links for some delicious, simple and easy recipes!


I’m back to basics with my usual weekday breakfast:


  • A slice of Whenever Quiche, made with red pepper, chestnut (crimini) mushrooms, garlic, kale, spinach and a bit of bacon.
  • A bowl of chopped kiwi, plum and blueberries, topped with coconut cream and a crumbled Nutter Bomb, one of my absolute favourites.
  • A mug of bulletproof espresso, made of two shots of espresso, 1 tablespoon of Kerrygold butter, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and a heaped teaspoon of xylitol because I like my fatty espresso sweet!

One of my all time favourites is soup and bread:


Have no fear though, that bread is completely grain-free, and therefore gluten-free. It doesn’t even have yeast in it!

I recently picked up my Keto cookbooks again and came across a bunch of delicious-looking, and easy, bread recipes by Maria Emmerich. I’m going to make each recipe because it’s winter, and sometimes, a girl just wants a bit of bread. What a girl doesn’t want, though, is the bloating and highs and lows that come with wheat consumption (among many other maladies and niggles we attribute to adult life – read Wheat Belly). Anyway, I made Maria’s low-carb paleo bread, and holy crap, it was great! It was so easy and basic, and the best part about this low-carb bread is there’s no yeast, no kneading and no proving, and you still get a loaf that looks like it’s been made with wheat!

My loaf was slightly underbaked, but look at those bubbles!


My lunch consisted of:

  • A large bowl of Grandma’s Hamburger Soup.
  • A slice of bread with cheddar cheese and tomato slices.
  • Half a small avocado.
  • One egg, scrambled (not pictured)
  • One Dairy-free Fat Bomb (have you made these yet??!?!)
  • A massive mug of Matcha Green Tea

Well, it was Nomtastic!


There’s really no other word to describe any recipe by Michelle Tam (aka Nom Nom Paleo), and this recipe – Slow Cooker Kahlua Pig – fits the bill. And like the bread and my recipes, is so simple to make. All you need is bacon, garlic, sea salt, pork shoulder and slow cooker. I had mine cooking while we were at work.

My last meal of the day was:

  • a bowl of Grandma’s Hamburger Soup to start
  • Three lettuce wraps loaded with Kahlua pig (I swear it’s there!), avocado and tomatos. I had some smashed baked sweet potato on the side.


This was such a delicious and warming meal after running 6 miles in the cold, at steady pace, but still shattering a 10km PB from 2013. It’s still very surreal for me to be running so much faster than what I was previously, and this is at easy or steady pace, not race pace. That’s what I call progress!

What did you eat today?

What’s your favourite slow cooker recipe?

{WIAW} SAD vs. Primal

Rather than a standard day of food, I thought I’d write about what I used to eat when I followed the usual food guidelines put out by my western world governments vs. what I now eat as a primal eater. Why SAD? It means Standard American Diet, another way of saying the Canada Food Guide or UK Eatwell Plate, aka the western world government recommendations.

Thanks to Jen at Peas and Crayons for hosting this Wednesday blog party of looking at other women’s food… also known as What I Ate Wednesday 😉

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