Bone Broth 101 + recipe round

Warning: this post contains images of raw animal bones that might offend some. The purpose of this post is to inform people about all aspects of bone broth; it isn’t intended to offend people.

The highly revered, much spoken about liquid gold that is so celebrated in the paleo and primal world. Sooner or later on your paleo journey, you’ll find yourself comfortable and secure with the lifestyle and dietary changes you’ve made, and ready for the next step. You’ll find yourself ready (and willing) to take on the task of making your own bone broth. This was how I felt.

I knew that bone broth was good for you and could be incredibly useful in both one’s cooking arsenal and gut health, and so I took the leap and started making my own bone broth about nine months into paleo. Only, it wasn’t such a big and complicated step as I had expected and had built up in my head: it was actually incredibly simple. All I needed was the right equipment (which I had), and the right ingredients (which were easily bought, even in my neck of rural Scotland). Something that seemed so intricate and complicated, like something out of the kitchen of a Parisian, 5-star restaurant, was actually very easy and practical to make. So easy, it can literally be thrown together in 10 minutes.

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An in-depth look at stress (via Primal Eye)

Grab yourself a cup of tea (or bulletproof coffee), make yourself comfortable and have a read through my in-depth post on stress below.

20160502_160731 (3)

A topic that I’ve written about extensively over at Primal Eye magazine is one that is very close to me, one that I’ve been experiencing all too well lately: stress. I’ve mentioned this several times in previous posts, but it’s worth stressing again: 2015 was a huge year for me, for us, and it was so busy. We bought our first home, and the week before we were due to move, I went home to Winnipeg unexpectedly to say goodbye to my Grandpa one last time before he passed away. We had many big races, I got a writing gig with Primal Eye (which takes up precious time on the weekend), and I experienced too much emotional stress from my teaching job culminating in me changing jobs at the end of October. We also travelled much over 2015, which is great and so rewarding, but can also be stressful. To sum it up, 2015 took its toll on me with many emotional ups and downs and self-imposed pressure. And to help me work on it, work through it, and  deal with it, I did what I do best: I wrote about it.

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How to Stay Paleo this Holiday Season

Christmas 2015 is heavily upon us! You’re probably already in the thick of work Christmas parties, one last meal with friends before the big day, and starting to plan your Christmas dinner. You may have read this post and thought “I actually could’ve done with this post two weeks ago;” but don’t worry. While I acknowledge that this post could’ve been published two weeks ago, let it be a used as a guide on how to possibly continue your festive celebrations, and also reassure you that the extra alcohol and non-paleo foods you may have had these past few weeks are actually okay; being Paleo Perfect shouldn’t be a huge priority right now, (or ever really because that’s too much unnecessary pressure and standards by which to live). This is when, of all times, you should truly exercise the 80-20 rule Mark Sisson advises. Below, I’ve highlighted what I think are the five main concerns us paleo peeps might have around this time of year, as per the series I posted this past week on my Instagram account (follow me?).

 1. Alcohol: 

IMG_20151207_221455 (2)

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9 Ways to Relieve Stress

Did you know April is Stress Awareness month? Stress is seems like an aspect of adult life that just gets shrugged off. We all experience it, we all have our own ways of dealing with it. The problem is, some of these ways are more destructive than constructive.


Stress can result in many health annoyances: weight gain, sleep loss, decreased immunity, digestive issues, even injury in the physically active. We also know that it affects us emotionally and psychologically, and inhibits our ability to think clearly and handle issues effectively. Over time, all of this chronic stress does a lot more to us than we realise: it is a contributing factor – along with diet, genetics, sleep and physical activity – to many lifestyle-related diseases. Continue reading